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We believe in rewarding our members!

From the moment you sign up to Batch Innovations you will earn points (for things like referring a friend, or to help you to celebrate your birthday in style) to spend in our members shop. This means things like our limited edition spirits and Batch merchandise are available exclusively to you, our members.

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Access to Special Offers & Products

As a member of Batch Innovations, you’ll be able to shop for our limited edition gins. We will have limited availability, so make sure you get them before they’re gone! You can use your points on purchases too!

When will the payment be taken from my account?

One-off payments (six months and 12 months) will be taken when you complete your transaction at checkout. For monthly subscribers, an initial payment will be taken at the time of your first sign-up. We will then request your payment on the 1st of each month. We use GoCardless to manage Direct Debit and Stripe for credit card transactions.

You have a loyalty scheme? Tell me more…

We believe in rewarding our members. From the moment you sign up, you will earn Batch Rewards Points to spend in our member-only online store. You’ll be the first to find out about our limited edition releases and exclusive members events. Click here to see how many points you have available.

How do I earn/spend Batch Rewards Points?

As soon as your first order is shipped, you start earning Batch Rewards Points. We will reward you each month (monthly membership only) for as long as you are a member and for things like referring a friend. You can spend points on exclusive spirits and limited edition releases that won’t be found anywhere else!

Once you have added a product you can use your points on the Basket page.

Can I buy Batch Innovations as a Gift?

Membership as a gift can be purchased here. There are options to buy as a gift for one month (spirit of the month), six months and 12 months. One-off payment will be taken at checkout.

You can also subscribe monthly and change the shipping address when you checkout if you’d like your subscription to be posted to a different address.

Can I take a payment holiday?

If you choose our monthly option, you will be able to take up to three payment holidays a year. This means that your membership can be paused at any time. Simply request a holiday in your account and we’ll come back to you.

What exactly are botanical blends?

Botanical blends are name for our creations that have the complexity of gins but whose botanicals don’t include juniper berries, so are not classified as gin.  We use the same distillation technique and source the very best ingredients.

See currently stocked botanical blends here.

I want to cancel my order – how can I do this?

To cancel or put your membership on-hold  please let us know before the 27th of the month,  to ensure your payment is not processed.

Putting your membership on-hold will lock in your current membership price and protect your Batch Rewards Points. Cancelling means you will lose all access to Innovations Club.  Whilst you are on-hold no payments will be taken and you can remain on-hold until you are ready to receive more spirits.

Click here to put your account on-hold

Click here to cancel your account

or call 01282 701473

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