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Get collectable recipe postcards featuring each month's artwork, access to free digital artwork downloads and the option to purchase framed artwork and t-shirts from your members shop. Awesome artwork by Bodie Cameron and LadyJane.

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We love to hear what you think and love listening to what our Innovators have to say. Join, share and feedback amongst like minded members in your private Batch Innovators Facebook group.

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Enter our annual members competition and craft a gin with us! Each year we choose a winning list of botanicals sent to us by you, and collaborate with a Cub member to develop a gin.

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As MoM you get to try Innovations releases first: blind taste, come up with a member's serve and film a short ‘unboxing’ video. As a thank you we will send you a personalised label.

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Gin Rummy version 3

  • 40% ABV
  • Distilled with apricot and pear
  • Barrel-aged in PX casks
    formerly used to age our rum
  • Oaky notes with a sweet finish


Becoming a member of our Club couldn’t be easier!

(37 customer reviews)

Join now, for £25.00, then £35.00 on the 1st of your next month.

Simply select the membership package that suits you and we'll get the gin flowing by shipping out your first bottle.

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37 reviews for Becoming a member of our Club couldn’t be easier!

  1. Kevin Robinson (verified owner)

    Arrived just a couple of days after joining, with a gorgeous bottle – and it doesn’t half hit the spot! Can’t recommend enough!

  2. Katy Carmichael

    Gin Rummy this month is delicious! It’s complex without losing its true gin-ness with a great balance of bitter and sweet notes. Great with a splash of Angostura butters and classic Fever Tree tonic plus A slice of fruit or a couple strawberries

  3. Lianne Crabtree

    Beautiful spirits, cracking range of flavours. Would most definitely recommend

  4. Nick Brawn

    Love getting something different each month that you either wouldn’t normally buy, or that you cant get else where

  5. Suzanne Wilkinson

    We love receiving a different and innovative Gin each month.
    Each one is really different and we have some firm favourites we come back to shop for again.

  6. David Garland

    We have been members for a while now and have a nice collection of Gins. Miss having people round at the moment as the Gins go down well and are always a taking point with the variety of different flavours.

  7. Ethan Bruce

    Great (and different) flavours, love the bottles designs and great way to try flavours you wouldn’t normally pick

  8. Rachel Owens

    I’ve been in the club over a year now, always such a treat and the customer service can’t be faulted. I sometimes hold off on a box but then top up with other offers from the members shop.

  9. Zaraluiza Cullen

    Fabulous gin on second bottle fantastic subscription I’d definitely recommend. No frills and bells just great gin. Exactly what I need. 10/10

  10. Elizabeth McGill

    I just can’t wait for the beginning of a new month and wondering what little beauty will be coming from the postman….problem is my hubby can’t wait either…I keep telling him to get his own membership….LOL


    I look forward to the beginning of each month to see what little beauty the postman will bring, only problem is so does my husband…I keep telling him to get his own membership LOL

  12. Antony Hay

    I love everything about Batch. Been enjoying a lone leaf G&A this evening. Bliss!!

  13. Paul Zawistowski

    Every month there is always something exciting in store. The creativity of the blends are so unique you will never taste anything like it anywhere else.

  14. Deb H

    Fabulous flavours and great service. A treat to look forward to every month!

  15. Chris Billington

    Since discovering Batch I’ve had the pleasure of tasting what are now, at least 5 of my all time favourite spirits!

    I look forward to finding out what the next bottle of wonderfulness will bring!

  16. lily

    Always amazing spirits and I love the design of the bottles well. I use my empties to put fairy lights in, look so cute.

  17. Nicola martin

    I have been a member since month 2 (though I then bought the first edition too) which I think was very early 2018. Im still a member now and this is the only alcohol subscription I have stuck with, without a break, plus I’ve bought further non subscription bottles too. So you can see how much I love the club. I originally joined for the gins, but the 2 vodkas (we must be due another good vodka?) were exceptional. Also, despite not being a fan of any traditional rums, I do really enjoy their flavoured rums, especially the divine banana loaf rum which I can’t bear to finish because I can’t replace it! I love the no frills element. I’m not paying for a load of snack or mixers I don’t need and that add nothing to the product. The bottles with their artwork are collectors items in themselves, I’ve kept every empty! You can skip months if you choose to, and with the loyalty points I’ve had a free bottle and will be due another soon with my extra birthday points (it’s my 50th if that counts for anything Batch 🤪) I love Batch and love innovations and cannot recommend it highly enough.

  18. Jeremy Clarkson

    Love the choices, great value, quality products and always helpful and friendly

  19. James R

    Definitely recommend you sign up. Always exciting at the start of each month to see what booze is going to arrive.

  20. Simon Haworth

    Each month we receive the surprise. Invariably we are waiting for next month,
    a: for the new Gin
    b: to purchase another bottle of the current distillation.
    Super flavours

  21. Rachael Saunders

    Fantastic service, amazing gin 🙂 would happily recommend to anyone!

  22. helen wyatt

    4 bottles in and I’m really looking forward to the next one. I love the look of the bottles and the artwork. Each one is so very different. I really appreciate that these arecsmall batch one off runs, I love having something so different on my gin shelf!

  23. Colin Edwards

    After recieving a bottle of batch Christmas gin from another gin club, I cancelled that subscription and went with batch every month instead! Shhh don’t tell them! I just wish my innovation lasted until the end of the week let alone the month!

  24. Karen Aitken (verified owner)

    First buy from Batch and I was over the moon! Beautiful looking bottle,and when I tried it I fell in love! I’ve a sweet tooth and it definitely hit the spot with that as well as the Gin factor! Will purchase this Gin again and I can’t wait for the next months bottle to arrive!! Thank you

  25. Michael Howarth

    All good but alot of gins since joining- more variation in spirits would be better ! Maybe samples would be good as a marketing tool ?

  26. Pauline Tarpey

    Love Batch Gins . Beautiful artful labels that portray the delights in the bottle. Can’t wait for each months delivery .

  27. Rebecca Murphy

    Absolutely love my monthly Batch delivery. The best selection of gins! Would recommend a trip to the distillery too ❤️

  28. Keith Spence

    Consistently good spirits every month and at a price that won’t break the bank

  29. Joanna Hehn

    Batch has interesting and unusual flavours. They are well thought out and blended to make exceptional spirits. I always look forward to experimenting with them.

  30. Stephen Duncan

    Innovations is a great club and everyone at Batch make you feel like you are part of something special. Gin collecting is one of my hobbies and Batch has some of the best Gins out there, with Industrial remaining my all time best tasting Gin.
    Every month there is not a Gin I get a phone call or email to ask what I would like. How can you beat that.

  31. Fraser Morpeth

    Lot’s of interesting gins. Something to look forward to every month. I think the C-c-c-changes gin they produced made probably the best gin and tonic I’ve ever tasted. Keep up the good work

  32. Gill Jenkins

    I joined up because I saw the Greek inspired gin advertised – what can I tell you, I was NOT disappointed! The speed of delivery was incredible, I was a bit worried in case I’d missed the Greek offering, but no! it arrived within days! Lovely little welcome card with it too, which I thought was a lovely touch. The gin was superb, the flavours absolutely reminded me of Greece which is my favourite place on earth! I also really enjoyed the Gin Rummy this month, very unusual but also very palatable. Looking forward to the next ‘batch’! Thanks so much 🙂

  33. Colin Smith

    An excellently run gin club which has the flexibility to meet most people’s demands and circumstances – on top of providing excellent gin!

  34. seanface

    Batch is fantastic. Simply the best subscription service I have been a member of. The spirits are delicious, the customer service is second to none, the designs on the bottles are out of this world and after being a member for nearly 2 years, I must say I have no intention of changing or amending the subscription I have. Would highly recommend to anybody looking something for a little different in terms of a spirit subscription club. Thank you Batch and the whole team. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Absolutely incredible.

  35. Sheena

    Every month a delightful suprise

  36. Alison Conway

    Introduced to Batch gins by my local pub a couple of years ago, and just started my subscription, had a couple from the “back catalogue” before and very happy with my experience so far, great tasting gins, exceptional artwork. Just hurry up and send July’s please…

  37. Joan dowd

    Great, original tasting gins. Love the postie delivering to my door. I consider them to be my little monthly treat from me to me.
    Cheers to all at Batch

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