Absinthe Gin

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This incredible gin is the first of its kind! Absinthe Gin, is a blend of classic Green Fairy flavours balanced with juniper. Combining botanicals such as wormwood, hyssop, anise and fennel, Absinthe Gin is a savoury gin with hints of coriander, giving way to a sweet, herbaceous profile. 44% ABV.


Absinthe Gin and Tonic

50ml Absinthe Gin
Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
Charred lemon garnish

Fill your glass with plenty of ice, add 50ml Absinthe Gin. Top up with tonic and garnish with a charred lemon slice.

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3 reviews for Absinthe Gin

  1. joey_w_69

    Great gin!

  2. Dick C (verified owner)

    Wow. Really imaginative will be back for more. Thank you

  3. Matt (verified owner)

    Great tasting gin

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