Batch Explorers Gin Trio

3 x 5cl

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Buddha’s Hand Gin
Inspired by classic Chinese flavours including sichuan pepper, star anise, ginger and chrysanthemum, botanicals such as buddha’s hand and pomelo result in delicate, citrus notes on the nose, and a subtly spiced finish. This is a remarkable, well-balanced gin. 40% ABV. 5cl.

Garam Masala Gin
Garam Masala Gin is an exploration of Indian ingredients. A blend of spices includingtamarind, fenugreek and bay leaf are combinedwith traditional botanicals. Subtle heat andsweetness are balanced with gentle warmth and spice, resulting in depth and complexity. 44% ABV. 5cl.

Signature Gin
Distilled using 12 botanicals, with the most unusual being frankincense and myrrh. A bold, unique gin with flavours to match. 40% ABV. 5cl.

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A selection of exotic 5cl gins. Chinese-inspired Buddha’s Hand Gin, Indian-inspired Garam Masala Gin, and our original recipe, London Dry, Signature Gin.


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