Buddha’s Hand Gin

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Buddha’s Hand Gin is an exploration of Chinese botanicals including Buddha’s Hand – a citrus fruit, pomelo and Sichuan pepper. A truly unique, delicious and refreshing gin. 40% ABV. 



Buddha’s Hand Gin and Tonic 

50ml Buddha’s Hand Gin
Premium tonic
Slice of pink/red grapefruit

Fill a glass with ice. Add the gin, top up with the tonic and garnish with grapefruit.

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7 reviews for Buddha’s Hand Gin

  1. ro4968

    As ever a fantastic innovation!

  2. Andrea (verified owner)

    All Batch products are of high quality but Buddhas hand is one of my favourites

  3. Kate (verified owner)

    I ordered this gin on a whim a while back and was delighted with it. I have since reordered several times and given a bottle or two as gifts, the recipients were as pleased with it as I was. The gin is smooth and has an almost sweet note. I have it with plain tonic and either an orange or pink grapefruit segment.

  4. Jamie Cousins (verified owner)

    Having brought 7 different batch gins, this has overtaken Industrial strength as my favourite. It’s amazing, the pepper really punches through and makes it warming and aromatic without swamping the dryness. Please make more as you have sold out!!

  5. seanface (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful gin! I’ve had this before and it’s excellent… now the re-branded 2021 version, can’t wait to add this to the collection! Would highly recommend.

  6. Catherine Carmichael

    This gin is so delicious that I have to hide it to stop me drinking it too quickly! There is a fabulous balance between the warmth from the pepper and star anise and the freshness of pomelo and Buddha’s hand. I’m drinking it now with bitter orange and elderflower tonic and it tastes like a sophisticated cocktail. I would recommend to anyone who likes whisky and rum and isn’t sure about gin

  7. Li Webster (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful gin

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