Christmas Gin Trio

3 x 5cl


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  1. Signature Gin
    Distilled using 12 botanicals, the most unusual being frankincense and myrrh. A bold, unique gin with flavours to match. 40% ABV. 5cl.

Whinberry Gin
Batch Signature Gin and whinberries are cask-aged then finished with a minimum of sugar syrup. Not what you’d expect from a typical sloe; complex and versatile, with sharp fruity notes. 40% ABV. 5cl.

Christmas Cookie Gin
Full of warming spices such as cloves, allspice, ginger and nutmeg, balanced with sweet honey and luscious apricot. Christmas Cookie Gin has a light, spicy aroma with honey notes on the palate. 40% ABV. 5cl.

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A festive selection of 5cl gins in a beautifully illustrated gift box. Signature Gin – distilled with frankincense and myrrh, Whinberry Gin – cask-aged and fruity, and Christmas Cookie Gin – full of festive spices.


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