Garam Masala Gin

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Garam Masala Gin is an exploration of Indian ingredients. A blend of spices including tamarind, fenugreek and bay leaf are combined with traditional botanicals. Subtle heat and sweetness are balanced with gentle warmth and spice, resulting in depth and complexity. 44% ABV.


Garam Masala Gin and Tonic

50ml Garam Masala Gin
Aromatic Tonic
Lemon zest

Pour over ice and top up with aromatic tonic. Add a twist of lemon zest to really bring your G&T to life. This gin is also amazing with mango juice / in mango based cocktails!

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2 reviews for Garam Masala Gin

  1. seanface

    This was the first ever innovation I received back in March 2019 and I was amazed by this. I have had this as part of the innovation club twice now and I’m so pleased. Goes excellently with aromatic tonic or a nice ginger ale. The flavours are so delicate and warming. Would highly recommend this one if you get the chance to!

  2. david hutchinson (verified owner)

    Bought as presents for daughter & daughter in law They love the out of the ordinary flavours

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