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Tagine is a Moroccan inspired gin, distilled with a blend of spices including cumin, ginger, sumac and cinnamon. The flavours are balanced with sweet medjool dates, apricot and sharp lemon. Packed full of flavour, the vibrant colour comesfrom compounding with saffron. 41% ABV.


Tagine Gin and Tonic

50ml Tagine Gin
Rose lemonade
Dried apricot

Pour the gin over ice, top with rose lemonade and garnish with lemon and dried apricot.

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3 reviews for Tagine

  1. Dave S

    Third of the gins we have tried. Nice on a sunny day, or any day to be honest. I think it tastes a bit like the old cherry lip sweets you can buy once mixed as directed.

  2. Katy Carmichael

    I love Batch gins usually – you’d almost always be my first choice – but I really can’t get with this one. I’ve tried mixing it with a variety of tonics and lemonades etc but i can’t get past the cumin. Cumin does not belong in gin. Three-quarters of a bottle will be donated elsewhere!

  3. seanface (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this one! The Moroccan Lady cocktail was incredible. I used 50ml Tagine Gin, 25ml Apricot Brandy, 25ml Lemon Juice, 15ml Sugar Syrup – after making this cocktail, the bottle went down far too quickly and ended up buying a second one! Would recommend!

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