Top Trumps


32 Batch top trumps cards presented in a clear plastic tape cassette case.


If you don’t know how the game of trumps works, it is a very simple concept. You deal out the whole deck of 32 cards equally between all of the players. Turn your trump cards so that they are facing you, but only showing 1 card (you keep them in order for the whole game).

Play starts from the youngest person playing. They then choose a category from the top card that is facing them, ideally a category that they think will be higher than everyone else. Everyone compares that statistic, with whoever has the highest score then taking all of the cards from that round and adding them to the back of their deck.

Whoever won the cards then has control and picks the stat for the next round from their personalised trump card that now on top of their pile of trumps. Once you lose all of your trump cards you are eliminated, until one person is left holding all of the cards – they are the winner!

This classic game is fantastic normally, but even better when you have created the cards yourself and have your nearest and dearest featured on them!


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