Zheng Lun Botanical Blend

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Zheng Lun Botanical Blend is packed full of exotic, juicy fruits. Sweet and refreshing notes of passion fruit, guava and lychee are balanced with popped lotus seed and aromatic Sichuan pepper. This is the second product from Batch’s Junior Distiller, following the release of Apprentice’s Vodka. 37.5% ABV.



Zheng Lun Botanical Blend and Tonic

50ml Zheng Lun Botanical Blend
Mediterranean tonic

Serve over ice, with Mediterranean tonic to compliment the sweet notes and garnish with strawberry and basil.

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3 reviews for Zheng Lun Botanical Blend

  1. seanface

    Absolutely delicious spirit. Really beautiful tropical flavours come through. The perfect summer tipple.

  2. Tony Hay (verified owner)

    Second-time buyer – love the stuff – a particularly good addition to some classic cocktails such as a maiden’s prayer or a negroni –

    Maiden’s Prayer
    1.5x gin
    1x Cointreau
    1x fresh orange
    1x fresh lemon
    add 1/2 Zheng Lun to add some zip

    1x gin
    1x red vermouth
    1x Campari
    add 1/2 Zheng Lun to take the edge off the bitterness

  3. Fiona Forbes (verified owner)

    This gin is gorgeous. One of the few I’m happy to drink without a mixer. Very, very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended.

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