Gin Rummy Volume 3

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This is the third edition in our barrel-aged gin series. Once again we’ve shuffled the deck and changed the fundamental parts of the recipe. Gin Rummy 2021 has the base spirit of our Industrial Strength Gin distilled with pear. It is then aged in our PX Sherry Cask Rum barrels which adds a rich, golden hue. The result is a complex spirit that balances sweetness with oaky notes, that can be enjoyed with either tonic or cola. 40% ABV.



Serve over ice with Indian tonic and garnish with a slice of pear, or try our Queen of Diamonds Gin Mule.

1 review for Gin Rummy Volume 3

  1. Daniel Hurran

    We are on the third bottle of this gin. One of my favourites from batch. Great with coke or tonic and lime.

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