Queen of Diamonds Gin Mule

The Queen of Diamonds Gin Mule is a simple yet effective cocktail, made with September’s Innovations Club release Gin Rummy. A little like a Mojito this gin mule honours the rum notes of this month’s barrel aged gin. Topped with warming ginger beer, this tipple suits the changing seasons.

Gin Rummy is our third barrel-aged gin. Once again we shuffled the deck and changed the fundamental parts of the recipe. This volume has a base spirit of  gin with notes of sweet pear. It is then ages in a rum barrel, allowing the gin to take on oaky, rum notes and giving the spirit a golden hue.

You will need

Gin Rummy
Fresh mint
Lime juice
Simple syrup
Ginger beer (or soda)


Muddle the mint by gently mashing it a few times in the bottom of the glass, using a cocktail muddler or wooden spoon. Add the simple syrup and stir. Then add ice and pour in the ginger beer, or soda if you prefer. Garnish with a sprig of mint.


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