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Industrial Strength Gin


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Awarded a Double Gold and Best Gin at San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Industrial Strength Gin is judged one of the best spirits in the world!

Industrial Strength is the Batch take on a Navy Gin and a nod to the industrial heritage of our hometown, Burnley. An overproof twist on our Signature Gin, with less spice and increased juniper, it provides a perfect base for any classic gin cocktail, or an incredible g&t. The addition of Melissa results in sweet lemon notes on the nose, and lingering, gentle citrus on the palate. 55% ABV.

Serving Suggestion – G&T

50ml Industrial Stregth Gin
Premium tonic
Fresh sage leaf
Dried apricots

Fill a Copa glass with ice, swirl to cool the glass and drain excess water. Add 25ml gin and top up with tonic. Serve with a couple of dried apricots and fresh sage leaf.

Serving Suggestion – Industri-oil Martini

50ml Industrial Strength Gin
5ml dry Vermouth
Wedge of orange
25ml Cointreau
5ml good quality olive oil
5 basil leaves

Muddle the orange and basil, add remaining ingredients and shake. Strain and serve. Garnish with a further 2–3 drops of oil.

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