Signature Gin

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Our best seller! Distilled using 12 botanicals, with the most unusual being frankincense and myrrh, Signature Gin is bold and unique, with the flavours to match. 40% ABV.



Signature Gin and Tonic
• 50ml of Batch Signature Gin
• Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic
• Frozen raspberries
• Lime peel
• Ice

Fill a Copa glass with ice, swirl to cool the glass and drain excess water. Add gin, top up with tonic and garnish with crumbled frozen raspberries and lime peel.

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15 reviews for Signature Gin

  1. Rachel Owens

    Love, love, love Batch Signature 🥰 One of my favourites. I like the classic serve of ice, lime, raspberries and topped up with a decent plain tonic.

  2. D Courtney (verified owner)

    Best gin around, lovely creamy delicate flavours with ice and a slice

  3. Andrea Wignall (verified owner)

    My favourite gin, and no, am not biased because it is created in my home town! Absolutely the best gin ever!!

  4. Katy Carmichael

    Delicious, well balanced, always the best

  5. Sue H (verified owner)

    I first tried Batch Signature gin at the Parkers Arms. It stands out from the pack. It’s smooth and aromatic and immediately different from the usual gin flavours. I’ve gone on to join the Batch monthly subscription and every new drink we’ve had has been really innovative and great quality. I love that it’s a small dedicated group of people too.

  6. Paul Brooke (verified owner)

    My wife discovered Batches signature gin at a pub in Otley, since when it has become a Family Favourite. The special botanical ingredients give this gin a very special aromatic taste and a great clean finish.No problem in gifting to friends and family simply give them a bottle of Batches; you will not wait long for the thanks!

  7. Jeff Blackburn (verified owner)

    I have over 140 gins. This is in my top 5 and vying for first place. It’s fantastic!

  8. Sandra (verified owner)

    My favourite gin!
    Efficient and straightforward online shopping service.
    Well done all at Batch 👍

  9. Rachel Russell (verified owner)

    Tried this gin myself and now buying as a gift. It’s up there with the best. Excellent online and delivery service – really speedy. Thank you Batch.

  10. James Stringer (verified owner)

    Easily in my top 2 favourite gins. To me it is almost a savoury gin. Might not make sense, but to me it does. Definitely has a unique flavour. No need to use a flavoured tonic (mostly because they’re grim).

  11. seanface (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful gin, has to be my go to gin and makes some really wonderful drinks. Would highly recommend 🙂

  12. Naomi Jensen (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this bottle as a Christmas present for my husband because he said it’s the best gin he has ever had! Fantastic service and delivery too. What more could you ask for

  13. Paul Brooke (verified owner)

    The Legend continues!Service as excellent as ever!No more to say. Paul brooke

  14. Helen Carey (verified owner)

    Batch Signature gin is the best I’ve ever tasted

  15. Cheryl McKay (verified owner)

    We came across this gin through the Craft Gin Club and I have been buying it ever since. Lost count of how many bottles I have bought. Friends that said they would never enjoy a gin are now converts thanks to the amazing Batch Signature Gin

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