Totally Tropical Rum

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Batch Totally Tropical Rum is juicy and refreshing. Inspired by lazy days on the beach, Caribbean white rum is naturally flavoured and cask-aged with mango and mandarin. Sharp and citrusy with oaky notes. 37.5% ABV.



Mango Loco

100ml Totally Tropical Rum
Half a fresh mango (use frozen if you have it) – cut into small cubes
50ml condensed milk (or coconut cream and spoon of sugar, you decide)
50ml mango juice
Handful of ice

Blend all of the ingredients, pour into a cold glass and enjoy. This recipe is courtesy of Marketing Manager, Molly, inspired by her travelling days – it’s guaranteed holiday in a glass!

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2 reviews for Totally Tropical Rum

  1. ro4968 (verified owner)

    Love Rum, and this is fantastic as part of a cocktail or simply with cola. 👍🏻

  2. seanface (verified owner)

    Loved this rum, makes a great Totally Tropical Sunrise…
    50ml Batch Totally Tropical Rum
    100ml Orange Juice
    Shake with ice and strained into a glass over ice.
    Add a Splash of grenadine for that sunrise look and an orange wedge 🙂

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