Totally Tropical Rum

We have just the ticket to transport you to your own, at home, exotic paradise! Bringing you a dose of tropical sunshine in a bottle. Introducing our Totally Tropical Rum…

Totally Tropical Rum is juicy and refreshing. Inspired by lazy days on the beach, Caribbean white rum is naturally flavoured and cask-aged with mango and mandarin. Sharp and citrusy with oaky notes. Packing that Batch punch at 40%.


Batch Director, Phil’s love of rum started whilst in Grenada, where he spent countless hours soaking up the sun and dancing the night away with family, all with a rum cocktail in hand. His love for rum has been warmly welcomed at Batch HQ. This year has seen the Batch Team experimenting with some fun, naturally flavoured, Caribbean white rums. Earlier this year we released Banana Cake Rum to Harvey Nichols and to our Innovations Club, which went down a storm! Quickly becoming a favourite for many of our members.

Totally Tropical Rum is versatile and will bring a citrus, boozy edge to any rum based cocktail. But to make life breezy for you we’ve shortlisted two recipes, perfect for lounging in garden, while you catch those lockdown rays.

Rum Punch

The beauty of a rum punch is that you can swap and substitute many of the ingredients to suit whatever you have in the fridge, no unnecessary trips to the supermarket needed! This recipe makes one glass, however there is no stopping you making a large jug to keep in the fridge for refreshing top-ups!

You will need

50ml Totally Tropical Rum
25ml PX Sherry Cask Rum
100ml of both mango & orange juice
Freshly squeezed juice of 1 lime
15ml Grenadine 15ml
Splash of bitters


Pour the rums, grenadine and lime juice over ice. Add the mango and orange juices, add a dash of bitters and garnish with as much fruit as you dare…

Mango loco

This recipe is courtesy of Marketing Manager, Molly, inspired by her travelling days. Longing in a hammock, sipping icy cocktails to cool off in the midday sun – it’s a guaranteed holiday in a glass!


You will need

100ml Totally Tropical Rum
Half a fresh mango (use frozen if you have it) – cut into small cubes
50ml condensed milk (or coconut cream and spoon of sugar, you decide)
50ml mango juice
Handful of ice
Orange (Optional glass rim)
Castor sugar (Optional glass rim)



Optional – Mix orange zest and castor sugar in a shallow bowl. With a wedge of orange, coat the rim of your glass, then dip into the the zest and sugar mixture.

Blend all of the other ingredients, pour into a cold glass and enjoy.


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