Aggie’s Sunset Cocktail

We asked Club member Glenn to create a cocktail for Aggie’s Shack Gin. He recalled the cocktails Aggie would serve up to parched party animals on the white sand beach.

“The story of Aggies first cocktail is quite amusing – it was called (perhaps unsurprisingly), ‘Aggie’s Sunset Cocktail’. The exact ingredients were never fully revealed however we suspected it was a bit of everything from his collection of Indian spirits doused in different fruit juices to calm it down (blue riband gin). He had a big clay pot that he would use to mix this concoction – a mild taste of garlic lingered on the tongue!”

We decided to steer away from the lingering garlic but gin and fruit juices – something we can work with! We developed a blended, super refreshing cocktail with tropical fruit and coconut milk.

You will need:

50ml Aggie’s Shack Gin
50ml White Rum
100ml Pineapple Juice
25ml Coconut Milk
Watermelon, cubed
1 cup of ice
Fresh fruit to garnish


Combine ingredients in a bender and puree until throughly liquified. You may need to add more watermelon to get the right blush pink colour and hint of watermelon flavour. Garnish with as much fresh fruit as you can manage, finish with a paper umbrella and a bright straw. Best enjoyed lounging on a deckchair.

You can use any glass to serve this cocktail but if like Glenn, you have a hand painted, clay pot from a far flung beach in Goa, go for that!

“Aggie was a budding artist and was always painting things bright colours, or drawing designs on the dried palm leaves of his shack to make it look appealing to his customers. One memorable holiday, it got to the last day (I’d been there for 3 weeks), and we were saying our goodbyes with lumps in our throats. Aggie must have decided I looked so sad to be leaving, he said wait a minute. He went into the back of the shack and came out with the clay pot! He had painted it all different colours in swirling patterns – it was a gift for me to take home!”

We also asked Glenn to make a short playlist of songs that transport him back to Aggie’s Shack, so you can get the full feel of a chilled Goan beach at sunset, while you sip this month’s limited edition release. Take a photo of the QR code, hit play and enjoy!

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