Weird but it works!

Brought to you by Batch and gin club member Michael, this is our fifth Club Collab recipe. Unusual and intriguing it features chocolate, chilli and banana. In Michael’s words – weird but it works!

Chef Michael says…

“The reason I chose these ingredients is because they were in the first dish I made at college when starting out to be a chef – a chocolate and caramelised banana cheesecake with a chilli and nut praline. Yes it could have been better, however it tasted well for my first ever dish and that’s why where possible I’ll always have that combination somewhere through my menus.”

Ryan was intrigued by this unique combination of botanicals too.

Ryan says…

“The botanicals Michael had submitted reminded me of when Walkers released a chocolate and chillI flavour crisp and in my opinion they were a really good flavour combination.  It made me wonder whether I could take those unique flavours and make them work as a gin. And lone behold, it’s a banger.”

Taking the three botanicals mentioned above, Ryan balanced them with more traditional gin botanicals but also added coffee beans to round off the flavours and a touch of vanilla to add to the creamy mouth feel thins gin presents.


When designer, LadyJane, was presented with the botanicals the first thing that popped into her head was ice cream! She says…

“Ice cream! Why not? The artwork is a nod to Bodies frappe on Mocha Gin and this combination of flavours gave me that vibe. Boozy, creamy, nonsense!

The texture in the background of the label is fabric from Kumasi in Ghana – where chocolate, chilli and bananas all grow!

I took my inspiration from Michael’s words – weird but it works! And everyone who has seen this piece of artwork loves it.”

Perfect Serve

Serve over ice in a chocolate rimmed glass. Top with lemonade or tonic and garnish with a slice of dehydrated banana / a banana coin – cheers!

Choco-Heaven Cocktail