An exploration of Indian ingredients

You asked … we brought it back! Reintroducing Garam Masala Gin.

Earlier this year we gave you the chance to choose between some of our most popular back catalogue spirits. It was a very close call, but Garam Masala Gin came out on top! There were some interesting spirits in the mix, but your winner was our foodie-inspired, award-winning gin which balances a subtle sweetness with gentle warmth and spice.

First distilled for the Innovations Club in March 2019, Garam Masala Gin is a blend of fragrant spices. The Hindi meaning of garam is ‘hot’ and the meaning of masala is ‘mixture’. These meanings are not a reflection of the spiciness of the blend, but instead it reflects the intensity of its flavours and warming properties of this gin, which went on to win a well deserved silver International Wine and Spirits Competition medal. This just goes to show that our members have great taste, choosing the medal winner from the list of options.

Head Distiller, Ollie says

“Garam Masala is a Gin we’ve been looking forward to bringing back so I was happy with the results of the Club members’ poll. I always enjoy distilling with more adventurous flavours, especially spices. Even though I have distilled this before it’s always amazing to fill the distillery with those bold aromas. The finished product is unusual but it works, I love how the cumin comes through and brings a warm earthy, sweetness. It’s always reassuring when you get to distill something that was so well received the first time round.”

Inspired by our love for food

“I was first inspired to craft this gin as it’s a Batch tradition to head out for a curry after a team meeting or following our AGM – a time where all staff, shareholders and directors get together. This inspired me to create a gin that represents the Batch family – our take on a garam masala blend.”


Bay leaf
Juniper berries

Recipe attempts


Perfect serve

For the first release of Garam Masala we consulted David from Fever-Tree and after a taste-test David chose a perfect serve with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic and a twist of lemon zest. “The gentle warmth sits alongside the angostura bark and pimento berry in our Aromatic Tonic to provide a delectable savoury experience.”

Spiced G&T

We have a second perfect serve for you to try this time round, this spiced G&T is indulgent, aromatic and perfectly suits a cold September’s evening.

50ml Garam Masala Gin
2–3 whole cardamom pods
Indian tonic
To garnish: fresh or dried rose petals, plenty of ice

Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, try this month’s Innovations Club Cocktail.

Spiced Mango Sparkler


1 Cinnamon stick
40g caster sugar
100ml Garam Masala Gin
100ml Mango Juice
200ml prosecco
Orange peel to garnish


  • Put the cinnamon stick in 200ml of water. Bring to the boil and simmer rapidly for five minutes.
  • Add the sugar and return to the boil – reduce by half.
  • Leave to cool, then mix with the gin and mango juice. Divide between two glasses
  • Top up with Prosecco and garnish with orange peel.

Garam Masala Gin is exclusive to our Innovations Club members. Become a member now to get your bottle with 25% OFF!