Apple and Honey Gin – January 2019!

We’re kicking off the New Year with this refreshingly light, delicate gin – the first collaborative recipe we’ve shared with our Batch Innovations members!

Apple and Honey Gin is a collaboration between Batch and Halcyon Spirits, headed up by Mike Braff. We worked with Mike’s brief to develop a recipe and to distill Batch Apple and Honey Gin. We caught up with Mike to explain a little bit about our collaboration.

Mike, Tell us what inspired you to collaborate with Batch:

I’ve been working with Gin projects and in particular my Gin Route in Barcelona (gin tastings, tours and much more!) for over 4 years and felt it was a natural progression to develop a gin. I met the team and straightaway had a good feedback, liked the whole concept of the business and its innovative nature. I knew then that Batch would be the distillery to produce alongside.

Batch Apple and Honey Gin is certified Kosher. Why was this important to you?

There’s a whole new generation experiencing gin and in the Jewish community the cocktail scene is taking off at private functions.The timing of Jewish New Year and Autumn season coincided with apple/honey, which is a tradition at Rosh Hashanah. The certification adds to the value and I am now looking to partner with Jewish charities in The New Year.

After Mike’s briefing, Head Distiller, Ollie, went on to develop an apple and honey flavoured gin in collaboration with Halcyon Spirits. After three experimental recipes, sending each to Mike for taste-testing, the final recipe was decided. It was centered around Rosh Hashanah, one of four Jewish New Years, and Ollie took his inspiration from the celebration’s tradition of dipping apples in honey. Following the developmental stages, in order to be certified Kosher we were even visited by the Rabbi from Manchester Beth Din as part of the application process. After the first two batches sold out, it’s time for our subscribers to get in on the action!



Mike, how would your serve Batch Apple and Honey Gin?
Personally with a Mediterranean tonic and green apple slice. We have also created some wonderful hot cocktails including apple juice & cinnamon.

Juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, strawberry, lemon, lime, cloves, cassia bark, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple, honey.

Recipe attempts:


A note from the head distiller…

Apple and Honey Gin was originally developed and distilled for Halcyon Spirits and was released in 2018, in time for Rosh Hashanah as it is a Kosher Gin. The visit from the Rabbi was interesting. However, I’m incredibly excited to now be sharing this recipe, the first collaborative release, with our Innovations members. It’s a great opportunity to showcase how we work with other brands outside of Batch, who are equally as passionate about collaborations and innovation. Two heads can sometimes be better than one and Mike is incredibly enthusiastic!

After 3 attempts, I nailed the recipe – working with such delicate flavours was definitely a challenge. But this is a modern, sweeter take on a traditional gin. It is a subtly smooth g&t with a lingering apple flavour. I agree with Mike, it’s best served with Mediterranean tonic and a slice of green apple. I’m also partial to adding a little pomegranate garnish too. As ever, I would love our members to feedback how they experiment with this months Innovation – I love seeing your pictures and hearing your feedback.


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