From Apprentice to Distiller

It’s National Apprenticeship week (4-8 March 2019) and we caught up with former Batch Apprentice, Ryan, who completed his Apprenticeship in December 2018 and had now joined the Batch team as a full-time employee.

What made you look for an Apprenticeship?

I wasn’t initially looking for an Apprenticeship but as soon as I heard about the job I knew it would be a good opportunity. I needed to train and learn the job and I saw the chance to develop my skills and earn at the same time. That was a really appealing way of learning for me.

What was the best part of the Apprenticeship?

The opportunity to work in a really cool environment – doing the job I do isn’t very common and without the Apprenticeship, there wouldn’t have been an opportunity to work in the distillery. The way in which it has allowed me to develop my skills has been an amazing opportunity for somebody my age too. There was also support from a college tutor too, which helped with the theory work I had to complete.

So, what skills have you developed as an Apprentice?

Communication is the biggest one for me. I don’t think I would have developed those skills as much being in a classroom environment. Being in a work environment forces you to handle situations and work through challenges you might not have to face at college, so that’s really helped. I also worked on a project to develop my own Vodka which was released in May 2018. From choosing the botanicals, to working with our designer on the label, to sealing the finished product I got to look at all aspects of what goes into creating a new product.

What’s next for you?

Batch were always honest about my progression with the company. If I worked hard, completed my Apprenticeship and proved that I was capable, Batch were willing to employ me full-time after my Apprenticeship. I did all of those things and I’m no working for them full-time. My role is varied, from distilling, to warehousing, to the occasional event!

What would you say to others considering an Apprenticeship?

Go for it. It’s the best thing that could have happened for my future career and I haven’t looked back once.