Gin Rummy Volume 4

We’ve shuffled the deck again and this time we’re introducing the final Queen in the Gin Rummy series. Everyone, meet the Queen of Clubs! While the other suits have been covered throughout our gin club history (Spades, Hearts and Diamonds – in that order), ol’ Queenie of Clubs is bringing something fresh to the game.

Distilled using a grain base (some of the previous rummies in the series had a sugarcane base), Ryan chose lime, jasmine, galangal, lemon and orange to name but a few of the botanicals in this gin. A familiar hand we hear you say? Yes, they might be some of the typical botanicals you’ve seen in gins before but Ryan needed this balance of zesty, sharp botanicals in order to cut through the rich notes we knew we’d get from ageing this gin in our former PX rum casks.

Sweet and candied notes from the PX Sherry barrels and sharp citrus are mellowed together, resulting in a full house of rich, sweet flavours. A slight golden hue can be seen, which again, is thanks to several weeks of barrel ageing in or rum casks. As we’ve noted from the last three editions of Gin Rummy, the slight tinge of the liquid adds to this gins oaky notes – meaning, as well as a G&T, it can withstand being mixed with a good quality cola!

The label artwork

Resident, Bodie C had this to say about the Queen of Clubs design… “I have been listening to a lot of punk recently and pictured having a card night with Siouxsie Sioux, Mark E Smith, Lou Reed and my friend Ticker Le Punk and how that game would play out. Also, “Spellbound” by Siouxsie And The Banshees has 273 as the catalogue number – which is the one I sign my name with, so it seemed fitting to use her image as an inspiration. Oh and also, she is incredible!”.

Gin Rummy Volume 4 

Gin Rummy Volume 4 is Distiller, Ryan’s first ‘solo’ barrel aged product, since taking over the stills last year.

“I was excited, yet nervous as our gin rummies have such a good reputation to live up to – taking on this popular gin series was a daunting to begin with, as we’ve had three super-strong products, made by previous Head Distiller, Ollie”.

Those nerves soon disappeared, and Ryan said: “Ageing gin in a PX barrel was really fun and of course the best part was the tasting. Using citrus and herbs to compliment the sweet, fruity notes that come from ageing in the PX barrel, as well as blending the gin with just a touch of PX rum, I balance out those punchy flavours. I enjoy this gin best mixed with Fever Tree cola”.

Perfect Serve 

Serve over ice with Angostura Bitters and fresh lime juice, topped with Indian tonic and a lime wheel.

Or, if you like, pick out the rum notes from this barrel aged beaut – add ice to a glass and top with cola.

Going Gin

To make this warming, autumnal cocktail, you’ll need:

Brown sugar
50ml Gin Rummy V4
200ml apple juice
15ml ginger syrup
Ice Apple slice to garnish

Mix together the sugar and cinnamon (leave out the cinnamon if this isn’t your thing). Rim the glass with the sugar and cinnamon mix. Add the remaining ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake. Pour into the glass with ice and garnish with a slice of apple.

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