Hot buttered Breakfast Rum

Warm, sweet and an indulgent treat!

A hot rum drink makes a perfect addition to the holiday season. Using Batch USA Breakfast rum is bold, sweet and aged with maple syrup, pecan and blueberries. We’ve combined with rich butter and winter spices in this warm cocktail.

For each serving, you will need 

1 tablespoon of soft, unsalted butter
1 teaspoon ​brown sugar
1 dash ​​of ground cinnamon
1 dash of ground ​nutmeg
1 dash ​of ground allspice
1 splash vanilla extract
50ml ​​of Batch USA Breakfast Rum
150ml of water 


Muddle the butter, sugar and spices together, add the rum and water, gently heat while stirring. Add to a heat-proof glass and dust with cinnamon to serve.

Prefect any time of the day, despite the name!

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