Recycle your Gin Bottles

We pride ourselves on how pretty our Batch bottles are, so throwing them away is quite the sin, especially on Global Recycling Day. So when the gin is gone, we know you won’t find a use of the bottle that’s quite as good as having our gin in them, but these come very close!

Fairy light decorations

Adding a bunch of fairy lights to an object makes it instantly look like a piece of modern art. When you put them in gin bottles they can make beautiful decorations for your house. Put them on your shelves, as a nightlight by your bed, or put them in your bar so you can see how much gin you have left in the other bottles, before you need to fill them with fairy lights too!

Candle Holders

For a romantic dinner, fill your gin bottles with candles and light them. You won’t know you’re in lockdown with such a restaurant vibe right there in your kitchen.

Share your next gin

We have a ‘share with a friend’ option, which means you can pop the other half of the gin in a used bottle, slap the extra label we give you on the front, and you’ll have an instant gift ready to go.

Storing new things

Make your own gin with various botanicals or sloes, put olive oil in it to make pouring salad dressing a fun activity, or store your kernels for the next time you want to make popcorn. Plus if you don’t wash it out, you’ll have gin flavoured popcorn, so that’s a double win.


Vases are old news. Why spend money on something to hold flowers when you have one ready to go in your kitchen! Find a bunch that match the label, and you have an instant beautiful decoration for the house.

Plant pot

Similar concept but you have to be a bit more green fingered to get them in the bottles. Even more to get them growing through the top. Even more drop a seed in and nurture it into an actual thing with leaves.


A bit trickier, but something one of our Batch Innovators made this year. You can join our innovator’s group if you want to ask them. Our group also has a lot of chats about cocktails, serves, ideas, and fin videos, as well as the complex lamp plans.

These are some of the ideas used by our Innovators: