Sherry Cask Rum

We’ve been looking forward to bringing you this little treasure again for quite some time. While we’re often leading the way with our contemporary London Dry gins, we wanted to remind you all how delicious our rums are too. As you know our Innovations club is our chance to get really creative and this spirit is no exception.

Why Sherry Cask?

While on a family holiday to Cordoba, Spain, we purchased retired PX Sherry cask. PX sherry being a sweet, sticky, rich and fruity dessert sherry, which has long been paired with rum cocktails. So after we got home with our happy purchase, it seemed natural that we age a rum in our sherry cask.

PX Sherry?

Pedro Ximénez is the name of a variety of white, Spanish grapes, which makes a sweet dessert sherry. With rich aromas of fruits such as raisins and dates, accompanied by a honey like sweetness. Velvety and smooth with a long and flavourful finish.

This full bodied, golden rum was aged or 14 months. Bringing forward notes of rich, dried fruit and waves of lingering toffee flavours from the sweet PX Sherry barrel. 

Perfect Serve 

Serve over ice with cola and a wedge of fresh lime. Or if you’re feeling a little more indulgent, try this ice cream float.

If you love the sound of Batch Sherry Cask Rum, or our other special releases, check out more on our subscription club