The Italian Job Gin

Listening to you, our gin clubbers, we chose from the entires you submitted in the ‘You Club, Your Way’ survey to make this gin. Thanks to everyone that took time out to vote and for helping us shape 2023. For March, we asked you to let us know which country should tickle our tastebuds and provide the inspiration for our next Innovation.

We had lots of entries ranging from Bolivia to South Korea and decided to experiment with the two most popular entries: Scotland and Italy. Ryan crafted recipes to represent each country and made us all blind taste them before he could wave the winning flag!

Italian Job Gin

It might have been a close call but the unusual savoury profile of the Italian concoction stole the votes! Everyone, let us introduce The Italian Job Gin 🇮🇹Inspired by famous Italian flavours that you might usually find on top of a pizza, we have carefully selected the most delicious combination of flavours to tickle your taste buds. Oregano, basil and tomato are balanced with nduja, pepper and parmigiano to bring this savoury gin alive. Salute!

Ryan said:

“Special Delivery. Your takeaway has arrived! Breaking boundaries with this months gin, I wanted to create something recognisable worldwide; with savoury, slightly salty and herbaceous – packed full of yummy flavours.

I was excited to get straight into this product and start experimenting. Even though I used botanicals that you wouldn’t usually put through distillation like fresh garlic, fresh onion, pecorino, and Nduja, I knew I could make it work and balance Italian herbs to make a savoury masterpiece!

Don’t let the botanical choices put you off in any way; this is a very tasty gin.

I love really pushing the boat out and getting crazy with experiments while maintaining great flavours. Creating smooth, flavoursome balanced spirits gives me a real buzz”.

And that’s exactly what Ryan has done with this month’s gin! Let us know what you think when you’ve tried it.

Perfect Serve

Serve over ice with Mediterranean tonic and garnish with sundried tomatoes and basil.

Make this month’s Martini…

50ml The Italian Job Gin
10ml Dry Vermouth
Green olives to garnish

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake or stir well until cold. Strain into a chilled martini cocktail glass.

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