What’s in the Box?

Not part of our gin Club but curious what’s in the box?

Each month we craft a brand new and innovative gin, using premium and often unusual botanicals. The limited edition gin is sent straight to our Club members, accompanied by collectable gifts. Alongside the gin, our members receive an artwork and cocktail recipe postcard and a miniature, magnet version of the bottle!

Our postcards feature that month’s artwork, the perfect serve and the cocktail recipe. Not only are these beautiful but useful, our Club members are never stuck of cocktail inspiration!

Extremely cute and very popular, our little bottles of Batch Gin are displayed on fridges across the country. Each design is as bold and fun as the next. Our members love these as they last a lot longer than the real bottles but still display the Innovations Club journey. 

We love working with Sticker Mule each month who do a perfect job or recreating Batch Innovations Gin in miniature magnet form! June’s magnet is on its way, which means we’re exactly half way through our second year of teeny tiny Batch bottles! 

We plan to send our members these cute collectables for every Innovations Club gin we produce, so we hope you have room on your fridge! If you wanted to check out what Sticker Mule do, you can find out more about their customer magnets here.