Working to the Beet of a different drum

Introducing November’s funky new gin, Beet of a different drum. This spirit embodies the ethos at Batch – we’re not afraid to push boundaries in order to bring you adventurous and delicious additions to your drinks cabinet. We call it “Beets” (the full name is a bit of a mouthful!) and we think it’s the perfect accompaniment for any kitchen disco.



The original idea was to create a gin with the key notes of mandarin and pear. This led Ollie to think back to the Club member’s collaboration gin in June, when he distilled with tomato and olive, which at the time caused something of a stir – some club members raised concerns as they weren’t fans of tomato or olive. However, when used in distillation, these botanicals added rounding delicate notes which balanced the other flavours in the gin.

With this in mind, and after reading that beetroot pairs with mandarin, Ollie added beetroot to the distillation botanicals, an ingredient that he and some of the others on our team strongly dislike! When we questioned his unusual choice, he reassured us it would work. If one thing is true, Ollie loves to play outside of the rules and definitely works to the beet of a different drum.

The addition of beetroot into the distillation gives an earthy backbone to the spirit. The result is a refreshing, contemporary dry gin with gentle earthy notes that perfectly complement the sweeter flavours such as pear and mandarin.

Here’s what Head Distiller, Ollie has to say:



With the obvious reference to music in the name of the November release, we couldn’t help but run with it when it came to the branding. Resident artist, Bodie Cameron would usually have spent his summer designing festival posters and curating live arts and music events. Many of the team members would have dragged themselves to a Monday morning meeting after partying in a field all weekend, soaking up live beats and all other things creative over a summer of festivals and events. We’re missing it all, so the label for November pays homage to that and how we are looking forward to doing it again.

The repetitive pattern of the label is inspired by cymatics, which is the visual representation of soundwaves. Vibrations are passed through a medium such as water or sand, which produce different patterns depending on the geometry of the surface and the frequency of the soundwave.



All spice
Apricot kernel (dried)

Perfect serve

Serve over ice with Indian tonic and garnish with blackberries and fresh mint leaves that complement the sweet notes of Beet of a Different Drum. This serve is delicate and refreshing.

Why not try this month’s cocktail – Shaken Beets Martini.

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