April’s 2022 – Member of the Month

Sean had the fun of being April’s Innovations Club member of the Month. Getting an early and mystery sample of Cinco De Mayo Gin then developing different serves. “After playing around, the apple and cranberry cocktail we came up with was the better one…”

Sean’s recipe

50ml Batch Spirit ( Cinco De Mayo Gin)
100ml Apple Juice
50ml Cranberry Juice
Splash of lime
Garnish with Lime wedges or apple slices

Shake all together, strain and if you like a bit of fizz, top up with Soda, Tonic, Lemonade or Prosecco.

For a standard serve, it goes nicely with both Tonic water or Apple Juice.

Thanks for being out Member of the Month, Sean!

As Member of the Month we invite you to bring your senses alive and enjoy an exclusive blind-tasting our upcoming gin.

Our ask is that you try the gin neat and give us your tasting notes. Grab a couple of mates and try the gin with various mixers –take pictures, we want to see you and the beautiful drinks you develop. Then Film and post a short unboxing video when the fished product in your personalised bottle is delivered to you.