Batch Gin Rummy

When you hear the name of this month’s spirit you will associate it with a popular card game, but in true Batch style we’ve produced another ingenious spirit to join the Innovations deck. Release #9 – Batch Gin Rummy – is a combination of two of our gins, and is aged in both a PX Sherry Cask and a Whiskey Barrel.
September’s release features artwork by Bodie Cameron, who has worked on several Batch Innovations pieces. Incorporating powerful female figures into his designs, Bodie has produced yet another stunning image to join the Innovations collection.
We originally toyed around with the idea of spicing our Rum with some of our key botanicals. After a few trials (and errors), we settled on ageing a combination of our Signature recipe and Batch Industrial Strength Gin. This was aged the same barrel as March’s release, Batch Sherry Cask Rum, and also spent some time in one of our Whiskey barrels. The result you ask? A warming, complex spirit. Incredibly smooth, with its subtle spice and oaky notes, this spirit should be truly appreciated when sipped neat.
Adding a mixer? Will you go for a classic G&T? We garnished Batch Gin Rummy and tonic with autumnal fruits.

However, the perfect mixer combo for us here at HQ was Batch Gin Rummy and cola.

We’re also planning a warm recipe for the weekend; Batch Gin Rummy, lemon juice, hot water and honey – who fancies it?