Batch X Defiance Gin

All or nothing! Two award-winning distilleries team up for this super limited release. May’s Innovations Club release is showcases all the flavours you’d find in the finest Lancashire garden, foraged, picked, steeped. Batch X Defiance Gin is a collaboration between two of the finest North West distilleries. A fresh aroma, savoury notes on the palate are balanced with herbaceous rosemary, thyme and carrot.


This is the first time we’ve collaborated with Defiance Distillery, however, our history goes way back! Back in the early days of Batch, Paul who would go on to found Defiance, was distributing some of the best gins on the market via his company, flavour. As a friend of Batch Director Phil and an expert in the field, Paul became a big player in our success, hitting the road to showcase Signature Gin, our only product at the time.

Paul then went on to set up Defiance gin, distilled in Greater Manchester. Boasting a range of products, Defiance Distillery has been voted the best in the world at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), 2020. Up against more than 3000 entries, Defiance Navy Strength won the ‘Best in Show, Unaged White Spirit’ category! While running his own distillery, Paul is still a big Batch fan and shareholder. Ryan reached out to Paul for a potential collaboration between the two distilleries and in Jan 2022 and the pair haven’t looked back since. Having two passionate, enthusiastic distillers focus on one product has fuelled the development of something special.

For this collaboration, Paul was inspired to use carrots as one of the key botanicals after sampling a gin with sweet nantes carrots at a food and drink festival in Milan. Ryan then developed a herby backbone with a hint of spice from ginger to balance the rosemary, sweetness from carrots.


Lemon peel



Simple but affective, Lady Jane, designed May’s label featuring logos from Batch Distillery and Defiance Distillery on a bed of carrot design. The modern style allows both logo’s to stand out, and harmonise, in the black and white, yin and yang style!


Serve over ice, with Indian tonic and garnish with a heritage carrot.


Maybe the healthiest cocktails you could dream up, Down the Rabbit Hole is made with zesty ginger and lemon, real honey and carrot juice. So, follow Alice down, down down…

You will need:
50ml Bach X Definace Gin
100ml carrot juice
2 lemon wedges
1 bar-spoon of honey (replace with agave or simple syrup to make
this vegan)
Small pinch of cinnamon
Small pinch of zaatar
Fresh ginger
Sprig of thyme to garnish
Carrot ribbon to garnish

Muddle the ginger, lemon wedges, honey and spices. Add the gin and carrot juice to a shaker with ice and shake until
Frosted. Add a few ice cubes to a glass and strain contents of the shaker over ice.

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