Bring it Back – Lime Leaf Gin

We first launched this stunner in 2018 – whooaaa – we can hardly believe it either!! Inspired by Director, Phil’s, travels, Lime Leaf gin is Thai inspired with heaps of fragrant botanicals. It’s made a couple of appearances over the years but it could very well have been a long while since it graced a gin cabinet near you!

With an abundance of aromatic botanicals such as lime leaf, galangal and jasmine, it’s influenced by our travels across Thailand and the food and drink we tasted on our journey. This is a vibrant gin with dominant citrus notes and a piney juniper backbone.

Why did we bring it back you ask?

You asked for it – and we have delivered! Back in 2022 we asked our gin clubbers what they’d like to see more (and less) of this year and asked them to vote on recipes they would like to see make a return.

With a huge back catalogue of tasty spirits you might agree, we’re spoilt for choice! And with 5 years of club recipes under our belt, each quarter this year will feature a classic ‘bring it back’ recipe, from the past, as voted for by gin club members.

Ryan, our Distiller says: “Lime Leaf Gin is a blast from the past, and as a Distillery I love coming back to old products and putting a slight twist on them! I always love working with citrus gins and this one was no different. It needed very little tweaking in my eyes – I upped the citrus slightly to tingle on those tastebuds a little more than you might have been used to with this gin!”.

Perfect Serve

Serve over ice, with Indian tonic and garnish with kiwi fruit and raspberries.

Lime Leaf Iced Tea


To make this month’s iced tea, you’ll need…

100ml Lime Leaf Gin
Two green tea bags
Boiling water
Juice of one lemon and one lime
Ice cubes
Citrus fruit to garnish

Make up two cups of tea and allow to cool. Add ice to a jug and pour over the cooled tea and fruit juices. Top with lemonade and stir. Garnish with more lemon and lime wedges. TOP TIP: want to sweeten this up? Add a bar spoon of sugar syrup with the juices, before you stir the recipe!

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