Burnt Malt Whisky

A special release to mark 10 years of Batch, we’re honoured to introduce you to our Burnt Malt Whisky. This Whisky is one of a kind, with just 166 bottles. Distilled and aged here at Batch in Burnley, Lancashire.

Back in 2018 we bought over 1,000-litres of barley wine from Northern Whisper brewery. The liquid had a slight burnt malt flavour – the perfect base for a whisky, which we had been keen to develop for some time. We saw this as a great opportunity to feed our playful nature and allow us to produce something different. We distilled the mash on our main still (at that time), named Adrian. Shortening Adrian’s column on the first run gave an ABV of 35%, but running the liquid through the still again brought our burnt malt liquor to a cask strength of around 60% ABV. We now had our liquid ready to age!

The distilled whisky was laid in a former bourbon barrel, bought as part of stock sales from a reseller in Kentucky. Adding it to our barrel storage in the distillery, we tried our best to leave it alone for three years. However, the excitement meant we tasted it regularly! We found that over time, the palate became smoother and the burnt malt mellowed into a delicious after-note of the whisky. Requiring a minimum of three years of ageing, we realised that the whisky would be ready for our 10th anniversary in November 2021, and we wanted to make its release as special as possible. With only 166 bottles available, making the packaging a little extra felt only right; reflecting the passion that had gone into producing this collectable, one-off whisky, it is also a nod to celebrating ten years of adventure for us at Batch Distillery.

Taking a teal Batch bottle we let Bodie, our resident artist, work his magic to create a unique piece of art on each and every bottle. To complement the colour of the bottle and the paints Bodie had chosen, we then worked with Batch’s designer, LadyJane, to choose a label. The copper label brings a central design to the bottle. Pulling in the mix of colours we had chosen, it also compliments the hand branded cork we selected for the whisky bottle. 

To finish the presentation of the whisky we worked with a small company, Beaufort Bespoke. They made the wooden box to hold the beautiful whisky bottle, with each box being numbered and unique. In each box there is an engraved coaster and information booklet. We are delighted to present a one-of-a-kind, single cask whisky that is so pretty you might struggle to bring yourself to open it! But if you do, you can look forward to a wonderfully smooth, delicious whisky!

The whisky itself has a pale straw colour and a warming palate. Full of dried fruits and apple, punctuated with hints of sherry, aniseed and vanilla giving a rich flavour and a lingering spiced finish.

Nose: a hit of apple with dried fruits and a little spice.
Taste: dried fruits with aniseed, sherry, a hint of vanilla.
Finish: a rich lingering spice.

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