Whinberry Gin

The long anticipated return of our cask-aged berry gin!

November’s Innovations Club sees the re-release of Whinberry Gin! The colloquial term for bilberry, whinberries are picked and packed into rich, sticky pies across Lancashire in the autumn; a regional favourite which can’t help but evoke nostalgia. We hope the return of Whinberry Gin brings Batch lovers nostalgia too. This Gin holds a special place in the hearts of our customers (and staff!) and we’ve been inundated with requests to bring it back. So we listened.

This is our playful twist on a sloe gin. We take our Signature Gin recipe as a base, cask-aged it with whinberries, then added a minimum of sugar syrup to ensure this rich gin remains sharp, with bold, fruity notes.


We first released Whinberry Gin in 2017. It soon become a Batch favourite, especially popular at Christmas and in the winter months. With a rich fruity depth and warming spice, this gin suits the colder months. Especially when it comes to the Whinberry Warmer 


Allspice berries
Angelica root
Coriander seed
Juniper berries
Orange peel
Sugar syrup


For its re-release, Whinberry Gin has had a huge rebrand. Leaving behind the eye-catching yet understated golden label, this Batch classic now has its own, bold character, in keeping with the more recent Innovations Club releases. We have Bodie Cameron to thank for Whinny. Bold and edgy, she sits strikingly amid the deep purple liquid.

“Meet Whinny, Rose’s Sister, I think they would look good sat next to each other on the shelf.
Based on Whinny who used to live down the street from me, she liked Gin and making fun, and is now resurrected.”

Whinberry Sausages

To create our Whinberry Gin we steep dried whinberries in a barrel. After a few weeks we remove the gin soaked fruit and in a bid to avoid waste at all costs, we covered them in a little more gin and they’re then sealed for later use.

Jess and Martin from Ye Olde Sausage Shop in Oswaldtwistle added the the spent Whinberries and a little of the Whinberry Gin into the sausage mix. They also used Signature Gin for a gin and tonic sausage and Apple and Honey Gin for a pork and apple sausage. Marketing Manager, Molly, paid a visit to the shop to taste test the Whinberry Sausages, to chat to customers and retail Batch gin.

Perfect serve

Serve over ice, top with clementine tonic and garnish with blueberries and a slice of orange. Or try the Batch Negroni 

Unique but versatile

Whinberry Gin is our twist on a sloe gin but it is like no other. While this gin is complex and unique the serve options are vast. For its re-release we have a delicious new serve for you to try and can’t recommend using Whinberry Gin in a Batch Negroni enough! But for all the new Club members, we have to introduce you to the Whinberry Warmer – by far the ultimate mulled gin recipe. It’s perfect for November and so moreish, you might need another bottle before we get into double figures of the month.

November’s Club Member of the Month, Neal, took Whinberry Gin for an early test drive and settled on these serves. “I had a play around a little bit – you can’t really beat it with Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale But I really liked it with Mr Fitzpatrick’s Orange and Bergamot Cordial topped with processco.”

Need November’s gin and not a member of our Innovations Club? Become a member now and get your Whinberry Gin for £17.50 here.