California Dreaming Gin

California dreaming, on a winter’s day? Us too! Well, more like a supposedly Spring day (rain, rain go away!) – we’re well over winter now, and here in Burnley, we’re longing for afternoons spent sipping G&Ts in the sunshine. And this month’s gin is just that – sunshine in a bottle 🌴

California Dreaming Gin

Celebrating its fourth year, our Club Member Collab gin for 2023 is brought to you by Sean. He was sipping on cocktails in Santa Barbara when he chose three botanicals to submit to us and enter our member’s competition. Sean’s gin joins a stunning line-up: It’s All Greek Gin (Club member Anna, 2020); Aggies Shack Gin (Club member Glenn, 2021) and Mandu Gin (Club member Lily, 2022).

Although we’ve had lots of entries over the years and changed our Head Distiller, one thing is clear – we love a recipe inspired by your travels! This year is no different with California tickling our tastebuds and providing the inspiration. Sean’s choice of botanicals were lemon, lime and pine needles – and although quite traditional, our Distiller Ryan really wanted to play around with these citrus flavours. He immediately thought of the drink sprite and knew he had to create a thirst-quenching gin to see you all through the summer months.

Ryan says…

Usually, I’ll pick out quite experimental botanicals when working on the Club Member Collab gin, but this year I thought I’d put my own spin on a traditional combo! Lemon and lime are classic flavours, which I found myself liking more and more this year and as soon as  thought about that combination, I thought of the drink Sprite – sipping on an ice cold drink in the sun! I also love fizzy pop so this was just the idea to get my imagination flowing.

I grew up in Germany and the combination of pine needles and juniper took me back to my childhood. I remember the smell of pine whilst playing out as a child and really wanted to take it on as a feature botanical is this gin.

I obviously used a load of lemon and lime fruits in distillation, and I also aged the fruit peel in the sugar used to make the gin’s syrup.

The label artwork

Jane says …

With the gin being called California Dreaming I immediately thought about The Mamas & Papas song. I wanted the label to have a 60’s vibe with a bright, citrusy and summer palette. The palm trees were a must as they give a California beach vibe 😍

Meet Sean

Sean has been a Club member since 2019 and has an impressive Batch collection! We caught up with him to ask him about the botanicals that inspired his Club Member Collab entry!

Where were you when you submitted your entry and what inspired it?
The ideas for the botanicals came to me when I went to Santa Barbara in California. I was in a bar with my partner sampling some cocktails and one of the cocktails we had one that was so simple but effective, I thought “this would be a great idea to submit to Batch”. I chose these botanicals after sampling an extremely refreshing cocktail in Santa Barbara. I enjoyed it so much, I asked the bar tender what he used in this… after he explained the SoCal Sprite, I knew I wanted to submit something summery and simple to Batch.

How would you recommend we serve CDG?
I would recommend serving California Dreaming Gin in two ways…
1. Topped up with premium tonic with both a wedge of lemon and a wedge of lime.
2. The cocktail I was sipping when I submitted my entry. It was called “SoCal Sprite”

50ml gin
25ml Cointreau
Topped up with Sprite and for garnish, a sprig of pine and intertwined Lemon and Lime Peel.

It was so nice and refreshing to drink in the California Sun.

This is our fourth year of the Club Member Collaboration, how long have you been an Innovations Club member and what first drew you to the Club?
I have been with Batch as a member since March 2019. I was previously a member of another gin club however, I didn’t find the gins unique and wanted to find a smaller company to support. That’s when I came across Batch. Since becoming a member, I’ve made it my mission to collect every single bottle and have never missed a month since joining. The spirits are incredible, the customer service is second to none and I always use Batch when creating my cocktails and taking drinks to friends and family.

Perfect Serve

Serve over ice with lemonade and garnish with a lemon wedge and raspberries.

Limoncali Collins

Make this month’s mouthwatering cocktail…

50ml California Dreaming Gin
50ml limoncello
Juice of half a lemon
Bar spoon of simple syrup (optional)
Soda water Fresh mint and lime wheel for garnish

Add the gin, limoncello, lemon juice and simple syrup to a tall glass with ice. Top with soda water and stir gently with a bar spoon. Garnish with a lime wheel and fresh mint.

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