Hop Vodka Bloody Mary Cocktail

It’s said that the Bloody Mary cocktail was first developed back in the 1920s by Fernand Petiot, who combined Russian vodka and tomato juice. However, it wasn’t until the 1930s that the recipe was first recorded in print, when Comedian George Jessel chatted about a ‘pick me up’ cocktail which he later claimed as his own.
It’s no surprise that over time there have been various tales about its history (another popular theory sees the cocktail being named after Queen Mary Tudor), and many adaptations to its recipe. We’ve taken a classic and given it the signature Batch twist.
This month’s spirit, Hop Vodka, is a collaboration between Batch’s Head Distiller and Northern Whisper Brewing Co.  We have blended an unusual combination of Sorachi Ace hops, supplied by Northern Whisper, with botanicals such as dill, orange and lemongrass. Distilled with the Sorachi flavours in mind, this is a savoury, citrus spirit. This results in an unique profile, with unusual flavours – particularly from a vodka – which work perfectly in this Bloody Mary twist.

To make:
100ml Hop Vodka
500ml tomato juice
1tbsp lemon juice
A few shakes of Worcestershire sauce
A few shakes of Tabasco sauce
Pinch of celery salt
Pinch of black pepper
Celery sticks to garnish
Place the ice in a large jug. Pour the Hop Vodka, tomato juice and lemon juice over the ice. Add the Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces, add the salt and pepper and stir.
Add ice to glasses. Strain into a glass, garnish with celery and enjoy.