Industri-oil Martini

The weekend has landed which inevitably means cocktail o’clock has too! You’re in for a treat with this delicious Industri-oil Martini recipe – with the trademark Batch kick it’s beautifully boozy and refreshing, combining fresh orange and basil.
We’ve also added a good quality olive oil to this recipe to really play on the base spirit we’ve used – Batch Innovations special release #2, Industrial Strength Gin.
Each month throughout 2018 we’re releasing a new spirit as part of Batch Innovations; our exclusive members club. Our members are the first to receive each monthly Innovation.

Batch Industrial Strength Gin is our take on a Navy Gin and a nod to the heritage of our hometown, Burnley, Lancashire. Formerly one of the world’s largest produces of cotton cloth and now with a reputation for excellence in manufacturing and engineering, we have a heritage to be proud of.

We have collaborated with local artist, Bodie Cameron, who designed the Industrial Strength label. Bodie’s illustration for Industrial Strength takes inspiration from the comic character Tank Girl and World War II icon, Rosie the Riveter. Bodie’s work will continue to appear throughout the Innovations series – we’re set to release some stunning bottles! We’ll be introducing Bodie in a later blog so keep an eye out for that.

Industrial Strength Gin is an overproof twist on the signature Batch Premium Gin recipe. Combining some of our classic flavours it’s not surprising that you’ll find Industrial Strength palatable, even at 55% ABV. As such you can enjoy this gin as a gin and tonic. With less spice and increased juniper and the addition of Melissa (lemon balm), the results are sweet lemon notes on the nose, and lingering, gentle citrus on the palate.

However as it’s the weekend and you probably have more time to experiment with the shaker, we’ve created this Martini recipe for you to truly appreciate the versatility of Industrial Strength Gin.

The Industri-oil Martini

You’ll need:
50ml Industrial Strength Gin
5ml dry Vermouth
Wedge of orange
25ml Cointreau
5ml good quality olive oil
5 basil leaves

Muddle the orange and basil, add remaining ingredients and shake. Strain and serve. Garnish with a further 2–3 drops of oil.

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