Batch Innovations

Batch Innovations: Special Release Craft Spirits

Batch HQ is a hub for experimentation. Inspired by our travels and paired with the passion of Batch’s Head Distiller, Ollie, to create unique, hand-crafted spirits, we introduce Batch Innovations; a monthly release of limited edition craft spirits.

Led by Batch’s imaginative and inquisitive Head Distiller, we will develop a truly special, limited edition spirit each month. Only the finest ingredients will be used, and where appropriate, aged in appropriate casks. Producing a maximum of 200 bottles, each will be labelled and numbered by hand, and will showcase a new design, making the bottles a must-have in any collector’s cabinet.  Most of the spirits will be gins but we are working on rum and vapour-infused vodka and a list that is continually developing. Innovation 1 serves as inspiration for the coming year. “The path is the goal”, and 2018 will leave 12 unmissable way-markers in the craft spirits revolution.

Batch Innovations No. 1 (Release Date: January 2018)

Batch Buddha’s Hand Gin – this exquisite gin is an exploration of Chinese botanicals provided by a friend who was interested in introducing a gin full of local flavour to China. It incorporates some classic Chinese flavours on a well balanced, dry gin “rootstock”.  The botanicals include Buddha’s hand, a unique citrus fruit, and Sichuan pepper; flavours familiar to the Chinese palate but newly balanced with juniper and coriander seeds to give something special for the UK market.

Serving Suggestions:

Gin and tonic, served with a slice of Dragon Fruit and a pinch of ground ginger.

Batch Innovations No. 2 (Release Date: February 2018)

Batch Sherry Cask Rum  – ‘I fell in love with rum when I got married to my first wife, in Grenada. My interest in rum was renewed when visiting Cuba with my fiancée, now wife. We visited the Havana Club distillery and tried many of the Cuban rums and visited the home of the daiquiri – Floridita.  ’  Phil

The Caribbean is obviously the home of great rums but the essential flavour of any golden rum comes from the barrel ageing.  We have achieved an exquisite ageing of our white rum in a PX sherry barrel for 12 months, giving a unique twist to the golden rum.

Serving Suggestions:

Serve with Fevertree Ginger Beer and a slice of lime, or as a Daiquiri.

Batch Innovations No. 3 (Release Date: March 2018)

Batch Industrial Strength Gin  – We have created a gin with a stronger Juniper profile and a higher alcohol content that lends itself to cocktails such as the Clover Club and White Lady where the gin should take centre stage. The normal description for this gin would be Navy Strength but as a nod to Burnley’s industrial heritage (and lack of a port!) we are calling this beauty Industrial Strength.  The artwork on the label is provided by local artist, Bodie Cameron.

Serving Suggestions:

Any classic gin cocktail; White Lady, Clover Club, Burnley Bling

Batch Innovations No. 4-12, in development (not in release order)

Batch Absinthe Gin – with the use of wormwood, green anise and fennel we have created our version of the Green Fairy, balancing the flavour of Absinthe in a gin.

Batch Apprentice – with guidance from the master distiller we helped our apprentice create this special vodka.

Batch Lime Leaf Gin – first released last year for One Time Gin, we are making this Thai-inspired gin available to a wider audience.

Batch Jasmine Tea Edition – ‘while experimenting with Thai/Chinese gin I struggled to get the taste of jasmine through. Dilution with jasmine tea seemed the logical solution’. Ollie

Batch Hop Vodka – in August to celebrate World Beer Day we are collaborating with Northern Whisper Brewery to produce a hop vodka.

Batch Halloween Edition – a pumpkin twist to our regular gin with some spooky serving suggestions.

Batch Betel Nut Infused Vodka – during travels in Burma (Myanmar) we discovered the Betel Nut and love the colour and flavour it gives to our vodka.

Batch Gin Rummy – a barrel-aged rum spiced with gin botanicals.

Batch Pear and Sweet Cinnamon – re-release of the Pear and Sweet Cinnamon Batch Premium variant, previously sold to raise money for Pendleside Hospice.

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