Jiang Shang Gin

Introducing February’s Innovations Club release, Jiang Shang Gin. Which Symbolises and celebrates Ryan’s progression to Batch’s Head Distiller! 

Jiang Shang Gin is packed full of exotic, juicy fruits. Sweet and refreshing notes of passion fruit, guava and lychee are balanced with savoury and aromatic gin botanicals cardamom and juniper. A follow on from the popular Zheng Lun Botanical Blend – it takes similarities from the fruity recipe and follows on from the first part of Ryan’s journey at Batch. However this release is a gin rather than a botanical blend and is packed with punchy juniper.

First inspired by the ancient Chinese tale from the Kunlun Mountains where a young student named Zheng Lun, who through dedication and years of training, founded a new dynasty and one day rose to become a God. Ryan saw the similarities with this ancient tale and his progression from Apprentice to Junior Distiller. Now Head Distiller, Ryan, reflects on his journey and was drawn back to April 2020 and his Club release Zheng Lun Botanical Blend; he wanted to continue this style of story telling into 2022, and his next phase at Batch Distillery. So once again he has delved into ancient Chinese tales. The Opera character that caught Ryan’s eye during his recipe development was Jiang Shang and a story where this character establishes a dynasty, eventually becoming Prime Minister. Another tale that aligns with his progression through the ranks. Ryan’s story continues as he takes on new challenges as Head Distiller and begins his studies to become a Master Distiller.

The mask of Jiang Shang is honoured in liquid colour of this release. In Chinese opera, pink symbolises elegance and dignified standards or behaviour. A character of high social standing and refined sensibilities, such as Jiang Shang, might don a mask with pink coloration. Hibiscus petals give Jiang Shang Gin a natural, light pink hue, to represent Ryan’s dignified standards and new responsibilities. 

The 1st of February is the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox and February’s Innovations Club is packed with bright, juicy fruit. This is the perfect spirit to welcome the dawn of spring and new beginnings, We’ll be sipping Jiang Shang Gin as the evenings get lighter and warmer and we gear up for new challenges. Raise a glass with us, as we celebrate Ryan’s journey from apprentice.


Dried mangosteen
Passion fruit
Popped lotus seed


We have LadyJane to thank for February’s artwork. The mask of Jiang Shang is the focal point, a pink Chinese Opera Mask. The style is also a continuation from Zheng Lun Botanical Blend  – a bold Chinese Opera Mask contrasting a black background. However, this design style began with Ryan’s first ever product, Apprentice’s Vodka, which features a colourful Candy Skull against a black background. The flowers on this month’s label are plum tree blossoms, a symbol of winter ending, perseverance and hope. These pale pink blossoms are cherished as they bloom vibrantly amidst the winter chill. As the first flower to bloom, plum tree blossoms are virtue of courage, strength and new beginnings. 

Perfect serve

To compliment the sweet notes of Jiang Shang Gin, pour over ice and top with Mediterranean tonic, garnish with a slice of lemon.


Ryan’s take on one of his favourite cocktails, the Porn Star Martini, adding even more tropical fruit to Jiang Shang. Topped with a bit of fizz, because we’re celebrating!

You will need:

50ml Jiang Shang Gin
15ml fresh lime juice
1 passion fruit
50ml pineapple juice

Add the gin, lime juice, pineapple juice ice and scoop the contents of half of the passion fruit, into a cocktail shaker.

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