Lockdown edition – Red Rum

Introducing our extremely limited edition, lockdown release, Red Rum.

Plunged into lockdown with a disrupted supply chain and an uncertain few months ahead, Head Distiller, Ollie, found himself busy at the creative drawing board in a bid to occupy himself and to continue developing bold, flavoured rums. 

Inspired by the recent isolation rules and the stark familiarity to the Stephen king classic – The Shining, Ollie wanted to produce a “Red Rum”… but what would that be? He posed a question to the team: What flavour is red? Red ice pops, red fizzy drinks, a somewhat ambiguous flavour. With an overwhelming majority deciding red best represented raspberry, he thought back to a raspberry and coconut cake he recently had from Marks and Spencers. As always, our spirits are inspired by out love of food!

So off he scuttled into the botanical storage to whip together a mix of complimenting flavours from ingredients we already had, as by now, the supermarket shelves were bare and we we’re inundated with emails of delay and disruptions from our usual suppliers “In these strange and unprecedented times”. The outcome? A Caribbean white rum infused with raspberry, hibiscus, rose and vanilla pods. Creating a sweet flavour and bold colour which was left to cask-age during quarantine.

Marking our third hand-crafted rum of 2020, this extremely limited edition release has a rich flavour of tart raspberry cutting through creamy coconut with a subtle fruity finish. 


Vanilla pod

Perfect serves

Red Rum is well balanced and perfect to sip neat, we highly recommend serving over the rocks.

If you prefer to add a mixer, serve over ice, top with cloudy lemonade and garnish with lemon and raspberry for a super refreshing tipple.


Lloyd’s Mojito

As always we have a cocktail recipe for you to try with this release. We’ve gone for something summery and fruity with this raspberry mojito.

You will need

50ml of Red Rum
½ lime, cut into wedges
A handful of  raspberries, roughly 5
2 teaspoons sugar
Fresh mint leaves
Soda water


Muddle the lime wedges, raspberries, sugar and 10 mint leaves. Pour in Red Rum and stir. Fill the glass with plenty of crushed ice. Top up the glass with a splash soda water. Garnish with a spring of mint and raspberries.

We have really enjoyed producing flavoured rums this year. Check out our Innovations Club release Banana Cake Rum and the mango and mandarin cask-aged rum, Totally Tropical Rum.

This release is very limited, we have only produced 68 bottles of Red Rum that will be available exclusively for our Innovations Club members to purchase in the members-only area.

Not a member of Batch Innovations, sign up in June with code JOINOURCLUB and get your first bottle with 25% OFF!