Long Yin Gin – February 2019

We’re introducing the second limited edition spirit in the Batch Innovations collection – Long Yin Gin. This is the first time this Gin has been available in the UK, made available exclusively for our Batch Innovations members. Distilled by us at Batch HQ and exported to China, Long Yin Gin is a collaboration between Batch and Sandro, the Gin’s brand owner in China.

We were approached by Sandro to make a gin that contained all Chinese botanicals that balance well with juniper. Sandro was looking for a classic dry gin but wanted it to appeal to flavours familiar to the Chinese palate.

Head Distiller Ollie says:

“Talks started back in 2017. A ‘shopping list’ of botanicals was given to me and off I went with the recipe development”.

“After 7 experimental attempts I was close to where I needed to be. A little bit of tweaking, such as adding goji berries to the list of botanicals and making the recipe a touch sweeter, and Long Yin was born. The reason for the sweetness is because, it seems, sipping spirits neat is all the rage in China!”

After shipping the first order of Long Yin Gin to China in November 2018, we’re delighted to be sharing this exclusive gin with our members. We grabbed 5 with Sandro who explains a little more about his venture into gin!

Tell us a little bit about yourself – if any, what’s your links with the drinks industry?

Personally, I am a gin lover and Long Yin Gin represents an exciting new-coming premium dry gin. It’s a merge of 2 worlds, West and East. Its blend of Chinese botanicals with a modern twist; inspired by Chinese culture, distilled in England. The journeys between England and China got me thinking that it would be a good idea to create a unique gin that represents the two places that I hold close to my heart.

Why did you decide to make a gin?

I decided to create Long Yin Gin because Asia is rapidly becoming a global taste maker. China has always been surrounded by mystery and fed the curiosity for generations in the West. This emotion gives Long Yin Gin the opportunity to show the world the beauty of the Chinese culture.

What inspired you to choose the range of Botanicals in Long Yin Gin?

Strong cultural heritage and traditional values from China serve as a base to a fresh and vibrant premium gin. Long Yin Gin’s distinct frisky character is brought to life by well-balanced flavours found in Buddha’s hand citrus, Sichuan pepper and juniper berries.

What’s the drinks/bar scene like in China?

Our gin has become a permanent resident in home bars of Chinese connoisseurs. Top bar tenders have created exceptional cocktails with Long Yin Gin and speciality restaurants have added it to their drink list.

How do you serve Long Yin Gin?

I recommend that you try Long Yin Gin on the rocks, or with tonic water and a piece of grapefruit or lime. For cocktails inspiration we will produce a list of creative cocktails made by famous bartenders that absolutely adore Long Yin Gin.

What’s next for you?

I want Long Yin Gin to be part of the global trotting culture – when you wake up in Shanghai and by evening you’re in London for a business meeting, or another adventure. We aim to cater for the hunger of the modern explorer, who wants simplicity, elegance and curiosity in one glass!

You can find out more about Long Yin Gin in China here. Make sure you follow Long Yin Gin on Instagram and Facebook too!


Juniper berries, coriander, cassia bark, Buddha’s Hand, liquorice, goji berry, pomelo, chrysanthemum, ginger root, red date, apricot kernel, star anise, sichuan pepper, galangal.

Recipe attempts


A note from the head distiller

Long Yin Gin works best with the Schweppes Crisp Tonic. We were lucky enough to catch up with their Brand Ambassador recently, and after a taste-test, the Schweppes Crisp Tonic came out on top when paired with Long Yin Gin. Members received a free bottle of the Crisp Tonic with this month’s Gin courtesy of Schweppes. You can find out more about their Premium 1783 range here.

Try adding some outlandish Chinese botanicals for your own Chinese New Year celebrations. I’m off to try it with some mandarin!!