Peach Melba Gin

Introducing July’s Innovations release, embodying everything we love about British summer time.

Peach Melba is inspired by summer – the perfect gin sipping season. Long warm weekends drinking with friends, garden parties, refreshing G&Ts, ice-cream desserts topped with piles of fresh fruit . This gin represents all those things we love about summer. A fruity, subtly sweet gin. We distilled this spirt with heaps of fruit! The result is a gin packed full of flavour, with peach stealing the limelight.

The name Peach Melba Gin comes from the classic summer dessert of peaches and raspberry sauce with vanilla ice cream. The creation of the Peach Melba came to existence due to Australian Opera springer Nellie Melba – it was invented in 1892 by the French chef Auguste Escoffier at the Savoy Hotel, London, to honour the Australian soprano Nellie Melba


Once again we can thank Bodie Cameron for a vibrant and colourful label that perfectly matches the flavours of this gin. We caught up with Bodie to find out what inspired this month’s artwork. “For the Peach Melba the inspiration is one part the actress Romy Schneider, one part Audrey Hepburn and as it turned out one part Megan Blunn, who is a friend and really enjoys fine gin. Mix all that together with a layered ice cream dress and headscarf on a Melbourne beach and there we have it. Serve Chilled!”

A true collaboration between our two distillers, Peach Melba Gin was, as mentioned, inspired by summer time. Ryan’s first experiment featured Peach, raspberries and herbs the result was a tasty and well balanced gin. But Ryan thought, forget this! He decided to go full hog and throw in a miles more fruit and up the peach. The result is exactly the summer vibe he was going for. “At first I was playing it safe and the experiment was a great result, but I love summer and I was feeling the excitement for the sun shine and weekends out of lockdown. So I threw in may more fruit out of excitement! I’m so glad I did. The finished gin has a lot more of a fruit flavour, you still get the juniper coming though as always with Batch, but this is a little sweeter and definetley a lot of fun, and we all need some fun right now!”


Angelica root
Cassia bark
Coconut chip
Coriander seed
Vanilla pods

Perfect Serve

Serve over ice, top with Indian tonic and garnish with raspberries and slices of fresh peach.

Member of the Month

For July we asked Club member, Fiona, to be our Member of the Month. We sent Fiona out an unlabelled sample of Peach Melba Gin and asked her to develop a Club member serve. Here’s what Fiona had to say and her two recommended serves:

“I really appreciated being selected to taste July’s gin. Found the aroma & taste to be very distinctive/reminiscent of another gin I’ve had in the past & can’t quite place. Will be interesting to see the final bottle & it’s botanicals. Choosing a club serve has been thoroughly enjoyable, with me whittling it down two that I just can’t quite separate. I will be partaking of both when July’s Gin arrives.

Fill a glass with ice & rim with ginger, pour a 1:3 gin & tonic ratio choosing either:

Pour 1 – Double Dutch Skinny Tonic with Strawberry & Basil Garnish (Mellows & slightly sweetens the gin)

Pour 2 – San Pellegrino Oakwood Tonic with Pomegranate & Basil Garnish (Retains the bold distinctive aroma & taste of the gin

Huge thanks to Fiona for these delicious serve suggestions, we hope you enjoy! Or, if you’re looking for something a little bolder, try this month’s cocktail the Nellie Melba Gin Fizz.

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