Pura Vida – it’s a way of life

Pura Vida – it’s a way of life! The name of April’s Innovations Club cocktail is translated to pure life or simple life – it’s the national philosophy of Costa Rica. A laid back and happy approach to life – think hakuna matata or  c’est la vie. Costa Ricans use this term as a greeting, to say hello,  goodbye, or to just to say everything’s great. Not surprisingly, Costa Rica has been named one of the happiest countries. We can drink to that!

Made using April’s Innovations Club release, Cloud Forest Gin. Distilled in collaboration with Samara Gin and inspired by misty mountain tops in the rich, dense jungles of Costa Rica. Using botanicals abundant in Central America such as banana leaf, annatto seeds, orange peel and cardamom. Marketing Manager, Molly and Eduardo from Samara Gin discussed the drinking culture in Costa Rica, while gin and tonics aren’t hugely popular over there, sweet and fruity cocktails are a hit, as you would expect in a tropical region.


This cocktail is similar to a rum punch, packing in tropical fruit juices. In an ideal world this cocktail should be enjoyed on a white sand beach or a hammock in the cloud forest.

You will need:

50ml Cloud Forest Gin
25ml triple sec
50ml pineapple juice
50ml orange juice
25ml grenadine
Lime wheel to garnish


Fill a cocktail shaker two-thirds with ice. Add the gin, triple sec, and fruit juices and shake to combine well. Put some ice into a glass and add the grenadine. Strain contents of the shaker in, and garnish with a lime wheel.

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