A winning hand – Gin Rummy Volume 2

As we welcome July, here at Batch HQ we’re busy preparing the latest Innovations Club release. This month we’re introducing the playful and complex spirit, Batch Gin Rummy!


It seemed natural that we would one day revisit cask-aged a gins. Knowing we wouldn’t be able to exactly recreate the 2018 version of Gin Rummy ever again, we shuffled the deck and changed the fundamental parts of the recipe. The gin base has been swapped for a sugarcane spirit, distilled with botanicals including juniper, cardamom, melissa, mango and orange. Then aged for a short amount of time in the barrel we used to age Totally tropical Rum. The subtle colour of this gin is owed to the brief ageing process, which also imparts gentle, oaky notes.  

Hearts – the best part! When crafting this release we used only the hearts of the run, this part of the distillation process contains the best aromas and flavours. The Queen of Hearts graces our bottle this month, the stunning artwork is by Bodie Cameron, who also produced the Queen of Spades artwork for the first edition of Gin Rummy, back in September 2018. Often incorporating powerful female figures into his designs for Batch. We’re delighted to see another beautiful piece in the collection, many of our label artwork designs are now available framed

The Gin

Batch Gin Rummy – Volume 2 has a multi-tired flavour profile, this complex spirit is a nod to our adventurous and innovative nature, which is at the heart of what we do at Batch. With woody notes on the nose, a sweet yet warming flavour with a spicy mellow finish.


All spice berries
Angelica root
Apricot kernels
Coriander seed
Juniper berries
Melissa (lemon balm)

Perfect serve 

A complex spirit deserves two perfect serves…

Serve 1 -Over plenty of ice, topped with cola and garnished with fresh cherry.

Serve 2- Over plenty of ice, topped with Indian tonic and garnished with fresh apricot.
A game of two hands, how will you play?

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