Broken Biscuits Rum

We’ve been looking forward to revealing this one for a while! Broken Biscuits Rum is February’s delicious Innovations Club release.

This is Junior Distiller Ryan’s first ever rum release and was inspired by local biscuit legends Farmhouse Biscuits, more specifically their bags of Broken Biscuits.


“I grew up in a small town called Nelson and every weekday morning I would walk to school with my mum, the journey took us past the Farmhouse Biscuits factory. My nose was instantly filled with the smell hot, melted butter and sweet goodness, just the smell alone was enough to put the magic into biccies. The smell of them baking is almost as good as actually eating them! To add to the magic, I had visions in my head of a Willy Wonka-esque, delicious extravaganza inside the factory. When school was finished my mum would walk me home and once in a while she would take me into the little factory shop where I would pick up some of the most amazing flavoured biscuits I’d ever come across! Even better my mum would let me
choose. It’s also well known in the area that you can pick up bags of broken biscuits, in my teens I had a friend who would often bring bags of broken biscuits when she called round.”


Ryan experimented with a few different biscuit flavour profiles but ended up developing a Lemon Biscuit inspired rum. Kindley, Farmhouse Biscuits sent Ryan plenty of biscuits and ingredients to help him get the flavour just right. For his final recipe, Caribbean white rum was aged in a barrel with fresh lemon, vanilla pods, powdered sugar, oats and malt. The result is a rum with sweet lemon notes with a creamy finish.


The label may look familiar, artist Bodie Cameron continued the Batch Bakery series for Broken Biscuit Rum. This release sits along site Banana Cake Rum, and Mince Pie Rum …. We often say our biggest inspiration for recipe development is food, when it comes to our recent rums, you can see Team Batch really enjoy some baked goods in the office!

Perfect serve

This rum is light, sweet and delicious on it’s own. We recommend you sip neat over ice to experience the delicate balance of flavors. Or treat yourself to a boozy afternoon tea with a Lemon iced tea serve.

You will need:

Farmhouse lemon biscuits
50ml of Broken Biscuit Rum
Iced tea
Slice of lemon 


Add the rum to a glass with ice, top up with ice tea and garnish with a slice of lemon enjoy with Farmhouse Biscuits, cakes and sandwiches. 

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