Make way for the Next Generation

Make way for the Next Generation… Introducing January’s limited edition Gin.

Taking all the incredible flavours of our multi-award winning Industrial Strength Gin we have crafted this morish, contemporary London dry gin with a much lower strength of 37.5% ABV. While the ABV is less in your face this gin is still as individual and dynamic, with a beautifully balanced profile featuring delicate citrus that leads to a smooth juniper finish. 


We often pay homage to the industrial heritage of our hometown, Burnley, which has inspired the way we work and many of our products. Specifically our flagship product and multi-award winning Industrial Strength Gin which features a character you all know very well, Batch’s Rosie the riveter. Now we’re ready to make way for a new era as we see Burnley blossom into a creative hub bustling with students and artists. We want to celebrate the creative scene that now surrounds and inspires the Team at Batch with a fresh, crisp new gin that still reflects our history. So meet the Next Generation – Ruby, who graces the bottle of January’s Innovations Club release represents the creative and curious Next Generation. 


Allspice berries
Angelica root
Apricot kernels
Coriander seed
Juniper berries
Lemon balm


Our resident artist, Bodie Cameron is at the forefront of the creative revolution and thriving artistic scene in the North West. He never fails to impress when it comes to designing beautiful artwork for the Innovations Club and January’s bottle is no exception! Next Generation Gin bares a new Batch icon, a character that represents the arts and music scene that has become the new power house for many northern towns and cities. 

Quote from Bodie 

“What was your inspiration for the design? During a chat with the Batch team we came up with the idea that Rosie the Riveter (who is the featured character for the first Industrial Strength Gin) could have a relative to be the feature character for the second. I thought of contemporary Industry and how the Arts have taken a leading role in that field. So the character should have a hard working ethic but be artful and creative. I tried to draw the character out a few times but just couldn’t get it down. My partner Lolly walked in one day wearing dungarees and covered in paint and carrying all kinds of implements to make art with and it clicked. Rosie now had a Granddaughter called Ruby that makes and paints and creates with gusto. It gave us a chance to collaborate which was good fun- I did the portrait and Lolly did the Tattoos and background pattern. “Alfie” the cat had to feature as he always seems to be around artists and is a bit of a totem. We are both really happy with how it turned out and are looking forward to seeing ( and tasting!) the results. Cheers Team Batch and here’s to Rosie and Ruby.”


To complement this crisp and classic flavour profile we recommend you serve with premium Indian tonic and garnish with mango (frozen works well) to bring out the sweet and citrus notes and a hand full of peppercorns for that extra savoury kick!

Or, shake things up with The Next Generation Cocktail

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