Citra Botanical Blend

Introducing August’s Innovations Club release, Citra Botanical Blend. This spirit is crafted in collaboration with Moorhouse’s Brewery. Their chief experimenter, Jordan and our head distiller, Ollie, carefully selected Citra hops to be used in distillation for this month’s limited edition release.

The result is a spirit packed full of bright and refreshing citrus notes with gentle spice and a subtly sweet finish. On the nose is mellow fruit.

This isn’t the first time we have distilled with hops. Back in August 2018, Ollie released Hop Vodka, a blend of Sorachi Ace hops, supplied by Northern Whisper, with botanicals such as dill, orange and lemongrass.

Collaborative inspiration with Moorhouse’s Brewery

Head distiller Ollie is a connoisseur of many things, including craft beers, and he’s known to love citrus and hoppy ales. Once again this was the perfect opportunity for him to marry those two passions – beer and distillation. “I’ve wanted to experiment with hops in distillation again for a while and chatting over a pint with friend and fellow flavour pioneer, Jordan from Moorhouse’s Brewery, decided that Citra hops would be the best choice.”

“We went with the citrus theme to compliment the delicate fruity characteristics of Citra hops but also to add zest which balances out any bitterness that comes from the hops. As for the herbs and spices used, these add to the aroma of the spirit and give it another dimension to round it out.” 

“I wanted to consider the smell of the spirit this time round. All of the botanicals I’ve used for this blend are very aromatic, due to having high levels of terpenes – an organic compound produced by plants that give them distinctive scent”


Black cardamom
Citra leaf hops
Green cardamom
Lemon Balm
Lemon myrtle
Lemon verbena
Sun-dried mango


The artwork for Citra Botanical Blend has been produced by our inhouse Graphic Designer, Lady Jane. Inspired by the Citra Botanical Blend profile and the botanicals used in distillation, Jane went for an equally bright design. The sunburst which reaches across the label in a range of colours represents some of this spirits key botanicals. Warm yellow for juicy mango, Orange for zesty orange peel, the green represents the Citra hops and finally, the burgundy was inspired by lavender. Jane also incorporated aspects of ‘beer branding’ and pump clip design when it came to the banner style and typeface.

Perfect Serve

Compliment the sweet notes of  your Citra Botanical Blend with a slice of lemon and fresh basil to garnish, serve over ice with Indian tonic. This serve is ultra refreshing and aromatic.

Or try this month’s cocktail Grapefruit Citra Fizz!

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