Cook Out Gin

Summer has officially arrived and there’s no better representation of the British summertime than a BBQ!

Yes, we love them and even when the Great British weather isn’t always on our side; we forge on regardless.

It made perfect sense, therefore, to finally take the opportunity to collaborate with long-standing Burnley business and long-term friend of Batch, Haffners, on a BBQ worthy summertime gin.

Haffners has been a Burnley town centre staple since 1889 and is famed for its quality meats and mouth-watering pies … and let’s hope they can soon add gin to their list of accolades!

The recipe

The Cook Out gin is the perfect BBQ companion, 100% designed to be paired with food. In true Burnley style it’s ‘reyt good gin to go with reyt good food’. Well rounded, offering tones of herbs and citrus, it complements without being overpowering.

Cook Out is a gin for the true connoisseur. Its flavours are inspired by the botanicals and fruits used in Haffners’ products, including the white pepper used in their traditional pork sausages and apple in their pork and apple pies.

It also has a unique ingredient in smoked applewood, the perfect nod to the distinctive, flame grilled flavour you only get from a BBQ.

Such a crossover of flavours among the gin and Haffners’ meats ensures an easy to drink gin and tonic with friends and family in the garden. 

The label artwork

Artist Bodie Cameron is a friend of both Batch and Haffners, and they requested that he create the graphic for this special edition gin. Notice the H on the apron relating to Haffners, the B on the T-shirt and bottle representing Batch and the T? That’s a nice little nod to Haffners’ Shop Manager Paul Teasdale who has worked closely with Ryan on this recipe. 

Perfect Serve

Haffners have their own ideas on how they would serve their Cook Out gin, so let’s go with that. It’s a no fuss, straight up gin and light tonic, with a slice of pear or apple.

Cook Out Cocktail

(Serves 10)
70cl bottle Cook Out Gin
2 cups Aperol
2 cups sweet white vermouth
1 cup fresh lemon juice, strained
Grapefruit soda to taste
Fresh thyme and orange peel to garnish

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir to combine. Serve in small rocks glasses over ice and garnish with thyme and orange peel.

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