Bring it Back – It’s all Greek Gin

Who can forget the crazy events of 2020? Lockdowns and staycations were the order of the day, but luckily we were able to recreate that holiday vibe with It’s all Greek gin. This was the winning entry from our very first Club Member Collab – where a gin club member gets to choose the botanicals we use!

It was also Director, Johdi’s, first gin and tonic after having a baby – and oh man it tasted gooooood! Introducing It’s all Greek Gin – the winner of our ‘bring back a gin from 2020’ Club member survey. Johdi says…

“After 9 months booze free and giving birth, Greek Gin went down an absolute treat! I remember sitting at the dining table, and we were still supporting local restaurants/food outlets during the pandemic as they couldn’t open their doors. Flavours Cookery School had put on a Greek night. We had a feast of delicious Greek food, sipping It’s all Greek Gin and it was an absolute delight.”

“The botanicals are stunning and work in perfect harmony together. I can’t choose one gin, I just can’t, but this and Buddha’s Hand are my favourites – they are top tier gins! Anna, our gin club member, submitted tomato, olive and oregano and our distiller at the time really worked his magic with this gin. Anna is of Greek heritage and her choice of botanicals brought something fresh and unusual to the table and I loved that. It was great to collab with Anna, she has such an active social media account and really knows her gin! I urge anyone to try this gin, you will not be disappointed.”

It’s all Greek Gin

With a Mediterranean mix of botanicals, It’s all Greek Gin is a savoury and herbaceous beauty. With hints of salty olives and juicy tomato, oregano and basil whip your nostrils as orange and lemon tickle your tastebuds. It’s a great summer gin with a real point of difference.

Ryan says…

“Although this is a recipe I haven’t had to re-work or put a Ryan twist on, it is such a great recipe to put together. The combination of botanicals are unusual and it gives me an insight into how our former distiller, Oliver, would build a savoury recipe. It also taught me how to use flavours that aren’t exactly noticeable but boost a recipe and make some of the more identifiable flavours fuller. It is a really great savoury gin, and has to be in my top 3 gins that have been released through the Innovations Club since it started!”

“With the good weather starting to bloom and getting into the warmer months, I’ve been making a lot more Greek themed food at home and I’m looking forward to pairing it with a fresh meal on a warm summer’s day, knowing that it will be a perfect match.”

The label artwork

With time on my hands during lockdown, I took to creating a mosaic pattern for this label. Of course the Greek inspiration came from Club member Anna and I loved the simplicity of the colours alongside the mosaic pattern.

Perfect Serve

Sipping on this this month’s gin? We recommend serving over ice with Indian tonic and garnish with an orange slice and thyme.

Yamas Cocktail

To serve up this month’s cocktail you’ll need…

3 x 2.5cm cubes watermelon
Bar spoon simple syrup
50ml It,s All Greek Gin
50ml Aperol
50ml orange juice
25ml lime juice
Additional watermelon to garnish

Add the watermelon cubes and simple syrup into a shaker and muddle. Add the gin, Aperol, orange and lime juices, plus ice, and shake until well chilled. Strain into a glass and garnish with the watermelon.

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