The Joker

Introducing our wild card! We have barrel aged a scrumptious spiced gin, giving it a whole new dimension. Bold and oaky, it’s guaranteed to disrupt your palate – in a good way, we promise.

Joker Gin Rummy

So, this gin is a wild card, you ask? Well yes, let us tell you more…
August’s gin is a real blend of flavours – it is barrel aged in a in a bourbon cask that had previously aged a totally tropical flavoured rum! The base recipe is a warming and spiced gin, that marries well with bold and oaky barrel notes. However, it has really taken on the fruity flavours that soaked into the wood when we aged the previous rum in the same cask. They have then infused this gin during the ageing process and have also mellowed the gin, smoothing it out. This offering is a truly unique blend of flavours. The gin also has a really nice colour thanks to the time it’s spent ageing in the cask – around three moths. We’re calling out our little wild card, because Joker Gin is the fifth edition in our Gin Rummy series.

Ryan says…

“I chose a spicy blend of botanicals in hope that the little kick balanced with the fruity barrel. When I first tried Joker, I was pretty nervous, I probably hadn’t given it long enough to mellow, but I started to worry it wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to. I knew I needed to give it more time to age because I really love the barrel ageing – If done correctly you can pull some really good flavours out from the charred wood, and play on previous spirits that have aged in the barrel before.

It does make me nervous however, that no matter how much you predict a spirit to taste or how you want it to go, the nature od ageing can sometimes be unpredictable and could do the opposite of what you thought it would!

However, thankfully, I wouldn’t change the final product, as I think it’s one of the best tasting gins in the rummy series so far, and I would say my favourite Innovation so far this year.”

Gin Rummy – the history

Five? I know, we can hardly believe it either – five Gin Rummy’s deep in the Innovations Club! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed barrel ageing each of the Gin Rummy editions. From neutral grain bases to rum bases, and everything blended in-between, boldly distilled with juniper, we have had so much fun ageing truly unique blends of gins – all with the quite distinct possibility of being drunk as a rum with cola too! Mind blown!

Here is the artwork for the previous editions, including this month’s Joker Gin.



Perfect Serve

Serve over ice with passionfruit and lime tonic and garnish with blackberries and raspberries.


You will need…

50ml Gin Rummy Joker
15ml Chilli syrup
15ml Ginger wine
15ml Elderflower liqueur
15ml Lime juice, freshly squeezed
Lemon peel to garnish

To make…

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Pour ingredients over the ice and shake for 15 seconds. Strain into a chilled, short glass with ice and finish with a lemon peel spiral.

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